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[. . . ] FREESAT HD DIGITAL SATELLITE TV RECEIVER DSI86 HD Freesat USER MANUAL ENGLISH CONGRATULATIONS! This Receiver is a new generation of Sagem Communications SAS (here after referred to as Sagem Communications) receiver dedicated to Digital Satellite Television. Once you have connected your receiver and performed the initial installation, you will be able to watch and enjoy freesat HD and SD channels. You can update your receiver if new functions or services become available. The Sagem Communications Receiver follows a continuous development strategy. [. . . ] FIRST INSTALLATION Once the receiver is physically connected, you need to go through the setup procedure to get your freesat HD and SD channels. Press to start the installation. The receiver searches for the freesat satellite signal. If the detection fails, press to view the reception strength and quality of the satellite signal. When the signal level is satisfactory, press to resume the installation. If the level and quality of reception remain insufficient, contact your satellite installer. 6. Enter your full postcode (without space) using the alphanumeric keys on the remote control. Press to continue. Note : the postcode is used to install local TV and radio channels. - 12 - key to delete an incorrect Main Settings 7. Use the up and down keys to highlight a setting, use the left and right arrows to select a value. Preferred Audio: programmes will be broadcast in the selected audio language provided it is available. Parental code: enter a parental four-digit code using the remote control (0000 is not accepted). You can change the code at any time (see "Changing your Parental code", page 15). The receiver automatically searches for available freesat TV and radio channels. You receiver is now set. You can start watching and enjoying all your freesat HD and SD channels. Should any problem that prevents you from completing the installation arise, please contact your retailer or the Sagem Communications SAS Hotline. UK Hotline: 0871 07 50 710* *0. 10 £/min, tariff cost effective from 01/01/2009 - 13 - 6. INSTALLATION MENUS To move around the screens and change various settings, just use the keys to highlight your selections, press to confirm, and to leave a screen. , , and 6-1 ICONS Timer Receiver settings User settings Information Channels 6-2 USER SETTINGS To access the user settings screen, press . Once you are in the main menu, select USER SETTINGS. 6-2-1 Selecting your language In USER SETTINGS, select LANGUAGE SETTINGS. Programmes will be broadcast in the selected audio language, provided it is available. Programmes providing this service will be broadcast in the selected audio preferred language if available. - 14 - 6-2-2 Hiding Adult channels In USER SETTINGS, select ADULT GENRE. If you activate this function, all adult genre channels will be hidden : you will not be able to switch to an adult genre channel, or browse this category in the electronic programme guide. Use this feature to protect your children from this type of exposure. 6-2-3 Receiver locking In the USER SETTING menu, select INSTALLATION LOCK. [. . . ] Check that the satellite signal is correctly detected (see "Signal Information", page 21). The receiver displays a black screen or an error Search for programmes (see "Searching for channels", page 17). The picture is frozen . / unclear. Check all the connections, check the antenna and search for programmes again (see "Searching for channels", page 17). The receiver cannot find any channels. Check the dish reception (see "Signal Information", page 21). Search for programmes (see "Searching for channels", page 17). Contact your satellite installer/dealer for more information on your satellite dish installation and alignment. (see "Connection to the TV set", page 9). The TV set does not switch to the receiver when it leaves standby mode. [. . . ]

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