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[. . . ] freesat is ready for the switchover As you know the digital switchover is happening across the UK but thanks to your Sagemcom freesat digital box you will not need to wait for this. [. . . ] With our comprehensive range of products we have become one of the leading manufacturers of digital set top boxes across Europe. Our expertise, dedication and commitment to quality has led us to create your freesat product. Ultra easyto-use, it enables you to watch and listen to over 140 digital TV and radio stations, bringing great entertainment into your home, wherever you live. High Definition - How it works Just because you have an HD Ready TV, it does not mean that you are watching in HD. By adding a freesat HD digital box to your HD ready TV, you will be able to enjoy crystal clear images with no costly monthly payments. This means a much clearer picture, images can appear up to five times sharper which makes the whole experience more lifelike. freesat from Sagemcom ­ brilliant for everyone freesat is a new digital satellite TV service. You get over 140 TV and radio channels with enhanced interactivity, digital subtitles (if you want them) and the option of audio description. You also have access to HD programming* ­ allowing you to make the most of your HD Ready TV. Want great sound quality? You won't just see amazing images, you will also `feel' part of the on screen action. [. . . ] Just plug it in and enjoy your favourite programmes and movies in HD*. Ls 100 00° 100° 110° 100 100° Rs 110° L: Left speaker C: Centre speaker R: Right speaker Ls: Left surround Rs: Right surround S: Subwoofer [. . . ]

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