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[. . . ] Sagemcom freesat now with BBC iPlayer Catch up TV With BBC iPlayer on freesat, you can catch-up on your favourite BBC programmes from the last seven days or catch-up on whole series you may have missed, whenever you want and from the comfort of your sofa. Freesat is the first subscription-free TV service to offer BBC iPlayer, letting you catch up on BBC TV from the past 7 days. [. . . ] In exactly the same way, connect the other Homeplug Adapter to your Sagemcom freesat receiver, and plug in. Turn on both power sockets. *Homeplug Adapters can be purchased from your local electrical retailer. Navigating with BBC iPlayer BBC iPlayer can be accessed by pressing the red button on BBC One (101). Your Sagemcom freesat receiver will first need to be connected to the internet. Once BBC iPlayer starts, navigating is simple, using the up, down, left and right keys . Press the OK button to confirm your selection. How to pause during playback Press the OK button to pause. How to resume playback Once you have paused your programme press the OK button to resume playback at anytime. How to skip forward/back during playback Press the right arrow key to fast forward or the left arrow key to rewind your playback. Note: There are varying speeds based on the amount of time you hold the key down. How to stop playback Press the back button or the yellow button to exit to the programme listings menu . Once the programme has finished it will automatically go back to the programme listings menu. [. . . ] If you have tried all of the steps above and BBC iPlayer still doesn't start, please visit www. freesat. co. uk/bbciplayer for further technical support. [. . . ]

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