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[. . . ] TELECOM MF5990 Agoris M943 User Manual MF 5990 - Agoris M943 Dear Customer For your safety and comfort, we urge you to carefully read the chapter safety [ 107] before attempting use. Congratulations on your purchase of a new generation communications terminal. A multifunction device able to fax, print, copy and scan, your machine suits even the most demanding professional requirements. Combining power, user-friendliness and ease of use thanks to its touch screen, your machine offers the following functions: · copy, print, and send/receive faxes in black and white · scan in colour · print server with hard disk · local network usage (LAN 10 BaseT/100 BaseTx, PC Kit Companion Suite Pro) · secure document printing · access protection (user account management, biometric identification, user rights and administration of appliance resources) · management of resources available to users (quotas, counters) Depending on your machine model you can use 2 telephone lines simultaneously. [. . . ] Enter the file name using the virtual keyboard (maximum 20 characters). Format IMAGE Description The file is sent in format: TIFF (black and white document) JPEG (colour document) The file is sent in PDF format (black and white or colour document). The file is sent in PDF format (black and white or colour), protected by a password which you can define. PDF 13 To scan the document in colour, press COLOUR. Select the most suitable contrast for your document from the available options. 15 If you use the autofeed scanner and your document is double-sided, press DUPLEX to activate / deactivate double-sided scanning of the document. 16 To specify the number of pages in the document before sending, press NUMBER OF PAGES. Enter the number of pages using the virtual keyboard or the number pad. 17 To activate / deactivate the Multiple Scan option, press MULTIPLE SCAN. Select the option YES to activate or NO to deactivate it (see Using the Multiple Scan option correctly [ 18]). 18 Press Note If you are using the flatbed scanner, you can scan more than one page. Select SEND when all pages have been scanned. User rights SECURED PDF to send the document. 11 If you have selected SECURED PDF format, press PASSWORD. Enter the password using the virtual keyboard (maximum 20 characters). Note Note the password entered, strictly respecting the characters, upper and lower case letters. On opening the document, the password will be requested. Note Access to functions depends on your user rights. To know which rights you have, consult your machine administrator. 12 To change the resolution, press QUALITY. Select the resolution the best suited to your document from the options available and press OK to confirm. The document is scanned and the email message is saved. Depending on the machine configuration, the email is sent via the local network or during the next planned internet connection. To force the internet connection and send / receive emails, press MENU then select INTERNET> MAIL / PHONE. You can monitor document emissions via the emission queue (see the section Monitoring document emissions [ 66]). - 61 - 10 - Scanning and sending documents MF 5990 - Agoris M943 Note If you have selected the FTP address from the address book, the settings NETWORK USER, NETWORK PASSWD and NETWORK PATH are automatically completed with the existing information. The Scan to FTP function allows you to scan a document in JPEG, PDF or Secure PDF format and place it on an FTP server, for archiving for example. To connect to the FTP server, you need to know the FTP user name and the password. When sending files, the machine connects to the FTP server using the defined connection settings. To scan a document and place it on an FTP server: Cancelling an operation Note You may cancel an operation at any time by pressing . 5 Press OTHER PARAMETERS to access the parameters you want to change 6 Press NETWORK USER. [. . . ] Maximum height 17. 5 mm Print side facing up Orientation Driver Weight Duplex Recommendations for use Using sheets of labels: · Recommended for laser printers · Format A4 or Letter (sheets of self-adhesive labels). Do not use sheets of labels: · With easily removed labels or protective film that is unstuck. · Pre-cut or perforated. - 131 - 16 - Characteristics MF 5990 - Agoris M943 Before starting printing cards, print out a test on standard paper to check page formatting. Main and additional paper tray Capacity Up to 200 cards depending on thickness. [. . . ]

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