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[. . . ] TELECOM MF 6990dn Agoris C935 User Manual MF 6990dn - Agoris C935 Dear Customer For your safety and comfort, we urge you to carefully read the chapter safety [ 119] before attempting use. Congratulations on your purchase of a new generation communications terminal. Both a multifunction black and white and colour device able to fax, print, copy and scan, your machine suits even the most demanding professional requirements. Combining power, user-friendliness and ease of use thanks to its touch screen, your machine offers the following functions: · colour and black and white copying, scanning and faxing. [. . . ] 9 To activate / deactivate the Multiple Scan option, press MULTIPLE SCAN. Select the option YES to activate or NO to deactivate it (see Using the Multiple Scan option correctly [ 20]). 10 Press or to send the document in black and white to send the document in colour. Scan to Archive The Scan to Archive function allows you to scan a document and send it on your fax server for archiving. To use this function, the fax server function must be activated and configured on the machine (see Configuring the fax server (optional) [ 32]). To scan a document and archive it directly on your fax server: Cancelling an operation User rights Note Access to functions depends on your user rights. To know which rights you have, consult your machine administrator. Note You may cancel an operation at any time by pressing . The document is scanned and saved. It will be sent to the fax server for archiving during the next connection to the local network. You can monitor document emissions via the emission queue (see the section Monitoring document emissions [ 70]). - 69 - 10 - Scanning and sending documents The document is scanned and saved. It will be placed in the shared directory on the destination PC during the next connection to the local network. You can monitor document emissions via the emission queue (see the section Monitoring document emissions [ 70]). 1 Insert the document to scan (see section Inserting original documents [ 20]). Enter the required name using the virtual keyboard (80 characters maximum, the default name is PUBLIC). Select the most suitable resolution for your document from the options available and press OK to confirm. MF 6990dn - Agoris C935 It is possible to stop an emission in progress whatever the emission type, but it will differ depending on whether the emission is to one or several recipients. · For an emission to several recipients, only the recipient for the document in progress when the emission is stopped is deleted from the emission queue. To stop an emission in progress : 1 Press . A message asking you to confirm the cancellation is displayed on the screen. For several recipients, you can delete the other recipients from the emission queue (see Deleting a document awaiting emission [ 71]). If the machine is configured to print out an emission report (see the section Emission report [ 40]), it will be printed out, indicating that the communication was stopped at the request of the user. The emission queue contains requests: · currently being sent, · awaiting emission (preceded by other requests or awaiting a new emission attempt), · deferred, · rejected (stopped or maximum number of attempts reached). To enable you to identify emissions, the emission queue allocates a type to the various Scan to emission modes: The type. . . Scan to Mail Scan to Archive Scan to FTP Scan to SMB Receiving emails Emails are automatically received via the local network or at each internet connection, if this is configured on the machine. Note To force the internet connection and send / receive emails, press MENU then select INTERNET> MAIL / PHONE. The emission queue allows you to: · Force a request (on standby or rejected) to be sent · Edit the recipient(s) for an emission request (on standby) · Edit the destination directory for an emission request · Delete an emission request (on standby or rejected) · Print the document in an emission request Forcing an emission request To force sending or resend a document that is on standby or has been rejected: 1 Press SEND. Documents sent by email or for archiving are identified by MAIL or NETWORK, documents sent to an FTP or SMB address are identified by FILE or NETWORK. You emission request becomes the priority. The machine systematically prints out emails received. They will be printed out with an indication of the elements that could not be processed. [. . . ] · With adhesive ribbons, metal attachments, clips or removable strips. · Comprised of fused, volatile, or discolouring material or emitting toxic vapours. · Pre-sealed. MF 6990dn - Agoris C935 Before starting printing cards, print out a test on standard paper to check page formatting. Main and additional paper tray Capacity Orientation Driver Weight Duplex Recommendations for use Use cards for laser printers. [. . . ]

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