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[. . . ] Model HM40: so as not to risk damaging your radio and to prevent the risks of explosion, only use the battery supplied with your pack. Place the batteries in the radio's battery housing respecting the polarity. The battery must not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunrays, fire, etc. Only use the power supplied unit, and connect it to the mains according to the installation instructions in this manual and the indications on the identification label located next to the battery compartment and the power supply unit supplied (voltage, current, mains network frequency). As a precaution, in the event of danger, mains adapters are used as cut-off devices for 230V mains power. They should be located near the equipment and remain easily accessible. [. . . ] Switching off the radio: hold down the key (the clock and alarm are deactivated). You can switch off backlighting. For more details, see section "Energy saving options", page 9. USING THE KNOB The radio is equipped with a multifunction knob. 1 2 Listening In the menus Scroll through the menus. When the required menu is displayed: press the knob to enter this menu, ou press the key to return to the previous screen. To exit the main menu, press the You will automatically exit the main menu after a few seconds of inactivity. You are in the language selection menu. 5 EN MENU OVERVIEW The following menus depend on the radio model you have. Time Deferred mode * Alarm Alarm1 Alarm2 Alarm3 Sleep Off 10 mins | 90 mins Audio Mode Normal Rock Jazz Classic Treble Bass Parameters Initial settings Language Time Scan radio Automatic Manual Audio FM Version Record * Record Playback Delete * Only for model HM40 Stereo Mono On Off On Off 6 SWITCHING ON Only use batteries, chargers and accessories approved for use with this model. Connecting other accessories may be dangerous and void your warranty rights. CHOOSING THE ADAPTOR Choose the adaptor according to your country. Assemble the adaptor into the power transformer supplied. SWITCHING ON YOUR RADIO 1. The charge cycle is complete when the icon is full. Before using your radio the first time, change it for 12 hours. As batteries have a limited lifespan, standby or operating autonomy will diminish with use. USING THE RADIO DAILY LOCKING / UNLOCKING THE RADIO To carry your radio while it is on, place the position. button on the right side of your radio in the raised POSITIONING THE FM/DAB AERIAL For optimal reception, extend the aerial. Keep the aerial away from any source of radiation to prevent interference (television, video recorder, etc. ). SWITCHING FROM FM MODE Press the TO DAB MODE key on the right side of your radio. The screen displays the corresponding icon. The message No signal - Start over is displayed if the reception quality is insufficient in DAB mode. Check the direction of the aerial. SEARCHING FOR A RADIO STATION IN FM MODE 1. At the end of the search, the radio broadcasts the station with the best signal. For more details, see the section "Choosing the FM station search mode", page 10. 7 EN IN DAB MODE We recommend you regularly scan for stations to ensure that you are receiving all the stations available on the DAB band. When scanning is complete, the radio displays the first station found. You can now pass from one station to another. DIGITAL Recherche 12:03 MEMORIZING YOUR FAVOURITE RADIO STATIONS You can avail of 5 slots to memorize the frequencies of your favourite stations, in FM and DAB mode. When the station is broadcasting, hold down one of the preselection keys on the top of the radio. The number now associated with the radio station is displayed on the screen when it is broadcast. To memorize a new radio station and associate it with a preselection key already in use, hold down the required key. LISTENING TO YOUR PRESET RADIO STATIONS IN FM AND DAB MODES To listen to your preset radio stations, press the associated preselection key. If you have not yet preset a radio station and you press the preselection key, the screen displays the message Empty. [. . . ] Replace the battery. You cannot switch on the radio Mains plug fault Battery or charger damaged Impossible to recharge the battery (only HM40) Charger not properly connected to the radio or the mains Battery charge capacity too low Reduction in standby autonomy Bad quality radio reception Searching for the network uses up battery power. Find a Too far from the network emitter, the radio is constantly place where the signal is stronger or temporarily switch looking for the signal off your radio. Unfold the aerial fully. 11 EN Problem No sound Radio buttons inactive Cannot find radio station in the list Causes Volume fault Radio locked Bad quality radio reception during station scanning Solutions Adjust the volume. Repeat the scan on the DAB band. ENVIRONMENT Preserving the environment is an essential preoccupation at Sagemcom. [. . . ]

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