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Manual abstract: user guide

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Physical injury or damage to the device or loss of data can result from improper handling. Use only the enclosed power adapter Use only the enclosed power adapter (see chapter Appendix / Technical Data). Check whether the mains voltage of your device (indicated on the type label) matches the mains voltage available at the setup location. Position all cables in such a way that no one will stumble on them, thus avoiding possible injuries to persons or damage to the device itself. [. . . ] Do not remove the type label from your device; this would void the warranty. In order to prevent damage to the card or the unit, please turn off the power before removing or inserting the card. Disconnect the device from the power socket if liquids or foreign objects have entered the device and have your device examined by trained professionals at a technical service location. 3G/I--Move up / Move down / Move left / Move right 1 Insert a memory card into the appropriate card slot at the rear of the device. Power supply with exchangeable plugs Notice Missing Package Contents If one of the parts is missing or damaged, please contact your retailer or our customer service. Notice Many Photos on the Memory Card If the memory card contains many photos, it can take some time until the slide show starts. Notice Using USB device and memory card at the same time If a USB storage device is used at the same time as a storage card, the images from the memory card are displayed first. Check whether the mains voltage of your device (indicated on the type label) matches the mains voltage available at the setup location. 1 Choose the right plug for your country and slide it onto the power adapter. 2 Insert the small plug of the power supply into the socket on the rear side of your device. You can allocate the following settings: , , (Brightness, Contrast, Colour saturation)--Adjustment of brightness, contrast, and colour saturation of the LCD screen. Select whether you would like to view the image in the original format, in the wide screen format (16:10) or if the image should be stretched to match the shape of the screen. Transition Effects--Allows you to choose different styles of slide show effects. Notice Cancelling the Selection Press again OK to cancel the selection. Notice Cancel Process By selecting and confirm with OK the current process will be aborted. Notice Press ù to close the menu and return to the starting mode. The CE marking certifies that the product meets the main requirements of the European Parliament and Council directive 1999/5/CE on telecommunications terminal equipment, regarding safety and health of users and regarding electromagnetic interference. The desire of AgfaPhoto is to operate systems observing the environment and consequently it has decided to integrate environmental performances in the life cycle of this products, from manufacturing to commissioning use and elimination. Packaging: The presence of the logo (green dot) means that a contribution is paid to an approved national organisation to improve package recovery and recycling infrastructures to facilitate. Please respect the sorting rules set up locally for this kind of waste. [. . . ] Other product names used herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. Neither AgfaPhoto nor its affiliates shall be liable to the purchaser of this product or third parties for damages, losses, costs, or expenses incurred by the purchaser or third parties as a result of accident, misuse, or abuse of this product or unauthorized modifications, repairs, or alterations to this product, or failure to strictly comply with AgfaPhoto operating and maintenance instructions. AgfaPhoto shall not be liable for any damages or problems arising from the use of any options or any consumable materials other than those designated as original AgfaPhoto products or AgfaPhoto approved products. AgfaPhoto shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from electromagnetic interference that occurs from the use of any interface cables other than those designated as AgfaPhoto products. [. . . ]

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