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[. . . ] With the purchase of this device, you have chosen a quality AgfaPhoto product brand. Their device fulfils the most varied requirements for private use or in your office and business everyday. Scan photos or business cards and transfer the data automatically on to memory cards or onto compatible digital picture frames. In addition, you also use the scanner as a memory card reader in combination with a computer. [. . . ] 2 Lay the protective cover into the document feeder with the printed side facing upwards, the closed side of the page (black lines) forward and the page header in the direction of the # button. You also use the scanner as a memory card reader in combination with a computer. Notice Scanning documents with the protective cover Remove the document from the protective cover after the scanning process in order to avoid the document sticking to the protective cover. Your computer must meet the following minimum requirements: If lines appear on the scanned image or the image is not sharp, you need to clean the scanner glass. 2 Insert the cleaning pen into the left hand end of the document ejector. Notice Instructions for Cleaning The cleaning pen must be free of any dust. The device is Hot-Plug-and-Play capable which means you can link your computer to the device, whilst its running. 2 If the USB is working correctly , the device is recognised automatically. Notice Connecting to an USB hub If you would like to connect the device to a USB hub = (USB distributor), ensure that the USB hub is connected to the computer before you connect the device to the USB hub. 3 Move the cleaning pen carefully two or three times to the other end of the document ejector. 4 Move the cleaning pen to the left hand side of the document ejector again and then remove the cleaning pen. Turn the device off using the on/off switch before you remove the plug from the socket. Never use liquid or easily flammable cleansers (sprays, abrasives, polishes, alcohol, etc. 6 After cleaning is complete, the sheet is ejected and the control lamp POWER goes out. Notice Cleaning sheet for the feed rollers Store the cleaning sheet in a dustfree location. Calibrate the scanner if colors appear in areas that should be white, or colors of the scanned image and the original vary a lot. This allows you to adjust and compensate for variations that can occur in the optical component over time by its nature. 1 Clean the feed rollers and the scanner glass first before calibrating the scanner. 2 Insert a memory card which is not read-only into the appropriate card slot at the rear of the device. 3 Press and hold the # key until the control lamp for the device status is constantly on. 4 Place the calibrating sheet in the document feeder with the arrows facing the feed rollers. If a problem occurs that cannot be corrected with the instructions in this user manual (also see the help below), proceed as follows: Problems The device cannot be switched on The device feels warm 2 Wait at least ten seconds, then plug the power plug back into the socket. [. . . ] No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of AgfaPhoto. The information contained herein is designed only for use with this product. AgfaPhoto is not responsible, if this information is applied to other devices. Product: The crossed-out waste bin stuck on the product means that the product belongs to the family of electrical and electronic equipment. [. . . ]

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