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[. . . ] D142 INTRODUCTION Dear customer, Thank you for purchasing a Sagemcom DECT telephone we appreciate your trust in us. This product was manufactured with the utmost care, should you encounter difficulties during its use we recommend that you refer to this user guide. You can also find information on the following site: http://www. sagemcom. com For your comfort and safety, we ask that you read the following section carefully : D142 BEFORE YOU BEGIN Make sure your package includes the following: Base unit, handset, one battery compartment cover, telephone line cord, AC power supply, two rechargeable batteries, and this user guide. In the case of purchasing a pack duo or trio, you will find in addition for each additional handset: a handset charger, one battery compartment cover, two rechargeable batteries. D142 Handset keys D142 MENU STRUCTURE Quick reference Earpiece phonebook Navigation key up / Access the caller list Screen OK key: Selection / Validation Green key: Talk on Back key / Cancel / Correction / RECOMMANDATIONS ET CONSIGNES DE SECURITE Your DECT telephone must not be installed in a humid room (wash-up room, bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, etc. ) unless it is 1. 50 m away from a water point or outside. [. . . ] . Assign a shortcut This menu allows you to record two quick dial numbers assigned to the keys 1 and 2 on the keyboard. Hold down the key on which the number was programmed (1 or 2). Making conference calls (3-way conversation) You can connect one external call to two handsets registered at the base station. Press and hold key, until an aural signal is heard to start a three-way conference. Go to the menu " personal set " / " handset name ". (If, after entering the time, the time format is 12H, use the key to set aM and the key to set pM). Press and hold key for 5 seconds (after 1 minute if no Handset has started association process the base goes back to standby). Go to the menu " advanced set " / " registration ". The handset number assigned automatically by the base appears on the screen. Handset ringer level Go to the menu " personal set " / " handset tone " / " ring volume ". Use or to select the volume level then press OK to confirm your selection. Go to the menu " personal set " / " handset tone " / " ring tones ". Go to the menu " personal set " / " handset tone " / " key beep ". Use or Press OK key to confirm your selection. Hour format (12/24) Go to the menu " clock & alarm " / " set format " / " time format ". Go to the menu " clock & alarm " / " set format " / " date format ". To repeat the alarm each day at the programmed time, select " on daily ". Enter the time when you want the alarm to go off: "HH ­ mm ". (If after entering the time, the time format 12H, use key to set aM and the Press OK. Go to the menu " clock & alarm " / " alarm tone ". 3 melodies are available: "melody 1", "melody 2" et "melody 3". Select the handset you want to delete using the or key then press OK (at standby state, "pls reg h/s" is displayed on the screen. A confirmation screen appears, press OK. Handset ringer melody Date format 1. key to set pM). Selecting the country D142 Key tone On/Off Alarm clock Restoring the Handset / Base Default Settings Modifying the language Go to the menu " personal set " / " language ". Press OK key to confirm your selection. 2. Prefix (Depending on Country) If a PABX is used in a private network, you can program the outside call prefix. [. . . ] Should any malfunction arise, the SAGEMCOM Helpdesk or your retailer will advise you how to proceed. A) General Guarantee conditions SAGEMCOM undertakes to remedy by repair or exchange at its own convenience, free of charge for labour and replacement parts, any defects in the equipment during the guarantee period of 12 (twelve) months or 3 (three) months for accessories, from the date of original invoice of the Equipment, where those defects are a result of faulty workmanship. Unless the customer has concluded with SAGEMCOM a maintenance contract in respect of the equipment which specifically provides for repairs to be carried out at the customer's premises, the repairs will not be carried out on the equipment at the customer premises. The customer must however return the defective equipment at his/her own expense, to the address supplied by the SAGEMCOM Helpdesk or by the retailer. [. . . ]

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