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[. . . ] XPS EXPANSION KIT SG-XEK1 This manual contains very important information. Please keep the manual in a safe place where it will not be lost. SG-XEK1 APPLICATION NUMBER MACHINE SERIAL NUMBER PRODUCT KEY These instructions describe the accessories that are included with the product and the procedure for installing the printer driver. CHECK THE CONTENTS OF THE PACKAGE This package contains the items listed below. [. . . ] *3 If memory is shared with on-board VBA or other functions, at least 2 GB must be available after subtracting the shared memory. INSTALLING THE PRINTER DRIVER Administrator's rights are required to install the software. To use the XPS printer driver on a model that is equipped standard with the SPLC-c printer driver, the printer expansion kit is required. 1 2 Insert the "Software CD-ROM" into your computer's CD-ROM drive. Click the [Start] button ( ), click [Computer], and then double-click the [CD-ROM] icon ( ). Double-click the [Setup] icon ( ). If a message screen appears asking you for confirmation, click [Continue]. 4 When the language selection window appears, select the language to be installed and click the [Next] button. Make sure that you understand the contents of the license agreement, select [I accept the terms of the license agreement] and then click the [Next] button. 5 3 2 6 Click the [Standard installation] button or the [Custom installation] button. 8 If you selected standard installation or LPR Direct Print (Auto Search), printers connected to the network will be found. Select the machine and click the [Next] button. If you clicked the [Standard installation] button, go to step 8. When [Custom installation] is selected, you can change any of the items below. When [Standard installation] is selected, the installation will take place as indicated below. · Machine connection method: LPR Direct Print (Auto Search) · Set as default printer: Yes · Printer driver name: Cannot be changed 7 If you selected [Custom installation] in step 6, select the connection method. · If the machine is not found, make sure that the machine is powered on and that the machine is connected to the network, and then click the [Re-search] button. · You can also click the [Specify condition] button and search for the machine by entering the machine's name (host name) or IP address. 9 · LPR Direct Print (Specify Address) To create a port by directly entering the machine's IP address, select [LPR Direct Print (Specify Address)] and click the [Next] button. (You will go to step 9. ) · To automatically find the machine connected to the network, select [LPR Direct Print (Auto Search)] and click the [Next] button. · To use the USB or other port that was created when the printer driver was installed, select [Use an existing port] and click the [Next] button. [. . . ] If this message appears, save any files that are open and then click the [Yes] button to restart. This completes the installation. REMOVING THE SOFTWARE To remove the printer driver or software installed using the installer, follow the steps below. 1 2 3 Click the [start] button ( ) and then click [Control Panel]. Select "SAGEM XPS A Printer" from the list and delete it. For more information, see the manual for the operating system or Help. 4 Restart your computer. Save any files that are open and then restart your computer. 4 SG-XEK1 PRINTED IN JAPAN 2009D DSC1 CINSF4502FC51 [. . . ]

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