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[. . . ] Do not allow children to use the microwave oven without supervision, unless appropriate instructions have been given so that the child can use the oven safely and understands the dangers of incorrect operation. Liquids and other foods should not be heated in sealed containers because they may explode. It is recommended that you avoid heating eggs in their shells and whole hard-boiled eggs in the microwave oven because they run the risk of explosion, even after cooking is complete. Heating beverages in the microwave oven can cause sudden and/or delayed splattering of boiling liquid, so precautions must be taken when handling their containers. [. . . ] Thus it is stamped with this logo to indicate to you that used appliances should be mixed with other waste. The recycling of appliances organised by your manufacturer will take place under the best conditions, in compliance with European directive 2002/96/CE concerning electrical and electronic equipment waste. Consult your city hall or your retailer to find the drop-off points for used appliances that is nearest to your home. 01 12 Installing your appliance • BEFORE HOOK-UP Warning: Ensure that your appliance has not suffered any damage during transport (deformed seal or door, etc. If you see any kind of damage, before doing anything else, contact your retailer. In order to easily locate the reference information for your appliance, we recommend that you note these data on the “After-Sales Service Department and Customer Relations” page. • ELECTRICAL CONNECTION Ensure that: - The electrical installation has sufficient voltage. - The dia meter of the wires complies with the installation requirements. - Your electrical installation is equipped with 16ampere thermal-sensitive protection. The electrical connections are made before the appliance is installed in its housing. During installation and maintenance operations, the appliance must be unplugged from the electrical grid; fuses must be cut off or removed. When you wish to program less than two minutes, turn the timer beyond 2, then come back to the desired setting. - Close the door, the turntable revolves, the oven light comes on, the program begins. - If you open the door before the end of a program : if the dish is ready, turn the start-timer back to the “0” position before closing the door. GB 15 Microwave power settings GB Symbol Function TIMER Application Set the function selector knob to this position to use the timer function (sans cuisson). To keep dishes warm, bring butter, cream, cheese, ice cream, or any other delicate food to the right temperature, or defrost it. * KEEP WARM 150 W DEFROST or VERY LOW COOK 300 W To defrost all frozen food, to top off cooking of delicate dishes or to cook very slowly. To finish programs begun with the HIGH COOK power setting, for instance beans, lentils, or dairy products. * * LOW COOK 700 W HIGH COOK 900 W To heat up all liquids and all fresh or frozen pre-cooked dishes. TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE The microwave oven is noisy when operating The turntable does not revolve correctly The food is not heated up Clean the wheels and the well area beneath the turntable. Make sure that you use only containers which are adapted to microwave cooking. Thoroughly clean the appliance : remove any greasy deposits, cooking residue, etc. [. . . ] Select the LOW COOK power setting Set the time, 25 / 30 min, with the timer. - Close the door, the turntable revolves, the oven light comes on, the programme begins. * for certain models 17 Care & cleaning WARNING : It is recomended to clear the oven regularly and to take any food deposit inside and outside the appliance. If the appliance is not kept clean, its surface could deteriorat and adversely affect its life and possibly result in a hazardous situation. [. . . ]

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