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[. . . ] 0810 240 260 0848 840 040 A CH 19 en enTable of ContentsensnI truticnoforUse Safety and warning information Before you switch ON the appliance Please read the operating and installation instructions carefully!They contain important information on how to install, use and maintain the appliance. The manufacturer is not liable if you fail to comply with the instructions and warnings. If the power cord of this appliance is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, customer service or a similarly qualified person. [. . . ] Higher settings lower the temperature in the refrigerator compartment. 4–5) only temporarily if: ■ the ambient temperature is high, ■ ■ Switching the appliance on Fig. The temperature warning noise is switched off by pressing the selection button 4. The temperature displays 2 flash or the super display 3 is lit up, until the appliance has reached the set temperatures. When the door is open, the light in the refrigerator compartment is lit. Door is opened frequently, large quantities of food are placed in the refrigerator compartment. 25 en Freezer compartment The temperature can be set from -16 °C to -24 °C. Keep pressing temperature selection button 4 until the required freezer compartment temperature is set. We recommend a factory setting of -18 °C in the freezer compartment. The alarm may switch on without any risk to the frozen food: ■ ■ ■ when the appliance is switched on, when large quantities of fresh food are placed in the appliance, if the freezer compartment door is open too long. 2 Press the selection button for freezer compartment 4 to switch off the alarm. Alarm function In the following cases an alarm may be actuated: Usable capacity Information on the usable capacity can be found inside your appliance on the rating plate. 6 Door alarm The door alarm switches on if the refrigerator compartment door is left open for longer than one minute. Fully utilising the freezer volume To place the maximum amount of food in the freezer, all frozen food containers, except the bottom one, can be taken out of the appliance. Removing the fittings To remove a frozen food container, pull out all the way, lift at the front and remove. 4 Temperature alarm The temperature alarm switches on if the freezer compartment is too warm and the frozen food is at risk of thawing. The temperature display for the freezer compartment 2 or the super display 3 flash. It can only be refrozen when it has been used to prepare a ready meal (boiled or fried). 26 en Refrigerator compartment The refrigerator compartment is the ideal storage location for ready meals, cakes and pastries, preserved food, condensed milk, hard cheese, fruit and vegetables sensitive to cold as well as tropical fruit. 6 Note when loading products: Wrap or cover food before placing in the appliance. In addition, flavours will not be transferred between foods and the plastic parts will not become discoloured. freezing and storing food Purchasing frozen food ■ ■ ■ ■ Packaging must not be damaged. [. . . ] Preventing noises The appliance is not level Please align the appliance with a spirit level. The appliance is not free-standing Please move the appliance away from adjacent units or appliances. Containers or storage areas wobble or stick Please check the removable parts and re-insert them correctly if required. Bottles or receptacles are touching each other Move the bottles or receptacles slightly away from each other. [. . . ]

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