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[. . . ] Indicates that a risk of personal injury or material damage exists. Warning Do not plug several appliances into the same sockets. If the power cord is damaged, have it replaced immediately by the manufacturer, its service agent or a similarly qualified person. Do not insert the power plug with wet hands. · If the water spills on to any electrical parts, it may lead to fire or electric shock. Do not install the fridge/freezer in a damp place, where it could be splashed with water. [. . . ] Turn the left adjusting leg in the direction of the arrow until the appliance is level. The appliance tilts down to the right. Turn the right adjusting leg in the direction of the arrow until the appliance is level. 4 SR-61. . . /65/69/74. . . 2/8/00 2:43 PM Page 5 PREPARING THE FRIDGE/FREEZER To prepare your appliance for use and check that it is running correctly, take the following steps. Install all shelves and compartments removed during transport in the correct positions. Clean the fridge/freezer and accessories to remove any dust that accumulated during packing and shipping. The interior light should accumulated during come on when you open the refrigerator. Set the temperature control to the coldest temperature and let the refrigerator operate for one hour. The freezer should get slightly chilled and the motor should run smoothly with a soft hum and no noise. Your fridge/freezer is operated by a compressor which switches "on and off" to maintain the internal temperature. When the compressor is new, it requires running in for a period of up to five months. Store food once the temperature in the refrigerator is sufficiently low. It takes a few hours after starting the refrigerator to reach the proper temperature. ­ Press the REF. TEMP button one or more times orthe setting changes as follows: hold it down until the required temperature the setting changes as follows: is displayed (). ­ When you complete the setting of refrigerator temperature, the refrigerator temperature display () flashes 5 times and returns to the setting temperature of the freezer. The temperature display () flashes "­ ­" if there has been a power failure. Check that the food stored in the appliance has not gone bad. Note Temperature control button of freezing room It is able to adjust the temperature in freezing room. Whenever the button is pressed, the ECO COOL sequence ofButton COOL MID MID MID COOLER COOLER is selected. · To set the most energy-efficient temperature automatically for the refrigerator and freezer, simply press the ECO button. of refrigerating room Freezer control button It is ableRefrigeratorthe temperature in refrigerating room. the sequence of COOL COOL MIDwhileMIDECOMID COOLER COOLER is selected. press FRE. TEMP or REFTEMP button, the ECO function is cancelled and the appliance is set Caution new temperature selected. to the VAC Button the · If you are going on a long vacation or business trip or you do not need to use the refrigerator, press the VAC button. · The VAC indicator () remains on while the VAC function is operating. [. . . ] · If there is a bad smell, clean the low temperature catalyzing deodorizer. There is a layer of frost on the appliance's walls · Is the air outlet on the appliance plugged in?· Space the food out as much as possible to improve ventilation. Condensation forms on the inside wall of the appliance and around vegetables · Food with a high water content is stored uncovered with a high humidity level or the door has been left open for a long time. [. . . ]

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