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[. . . ] FRIDGE temperature indicator It shows the temperature of the fridge compartment. FRIDGE temperature setting It allows you to change the fridge temperature value, in a cyclical way; it also confirms the selected temperature on the interface. 4 SUPER FREEZE indicator light (rapid freezing) illuminates when the SUPER FREEZE button is pressed. 5 SUPER FREEZE button (rapid freezing) To be used to freeze fresh foods. [. . . ] Wait at least 10 hours before you set the FRIDGE temperature on a colder value. FLEXI USE BOX* container This is the new box which offers maximum flexibility in order to stock your food in an excellent way. If you put in the low section of your fridge compartment, on the crisper box, it becomes CHILLER, and it guarantees a temperature very close to 0°C, which is ideal to: -store meat, fish and delicate food; -rapid cooling of hot foods; -low temperature defrosting (it inhibits the proliferation of microorganisms). You can get the 0°C temperature, in standard conditions, when the fridge compartment temperature is at about 4°C. By decreasing the fridge temperature you decrease the CHILLER compartment temperature too. If you put it in the “upper” part of the fridge compartment (A1), it will be suitable to store fruit and vegetables, thus giving you the possibility to have a second crisper box. After placing the food inside, activate the SUPER FREEZE function again; it will be deactivated automatically after 24 hours; • Do not place glass bottles which contain liquids, and which are corked or hermetically sealed in the freezer because they could break. € The maximum quantity of food that may be frozen daily is indicated on the plate containing the technical properties located on the bottom left side of the refrigerator compartment (for example: 2Kg/24h ). To avoid blocking the air circulation inside the freezer compartment, it is advisable not to obstruct the ventilation holes with food or containers. This will help maintain the temperature inside the freezer, ensuring that foods are conserved for at least 12-18 hours. To get more space inside your freezer, you can take out any drawers (and flaps, if appropriate), from their slots, by putting your food directly on the provided shelves. BLACK OUT SENSOR* At the first starting of the refrigerator, the black out sensor must be in this position. If one or both of the liquids are dissolved, this is an indication of increased temperature in the freezer. Even the partial melting of one of the two liquids can show an abnormal increase of the internal temperature. Using the freezer to its full potential • Do not re-freeze food that is defrosting or that has already been defrosted. € Fresh food for freezing should not be placed in contact with the one already frozen; it should be placed in the lower FREEZER and STORAGE compartment that provides the best freezing rate. € To freeze fresh food in the best and safest way possible, activate the SUPER FREEZE function 24 hours before placing 21 GB • Do not leave the door open for a long period of time. Close the door of the freezer since the blackout sensor detector can give the wrong alarm. Load or unload the freezer as quickly as possible to avoid interventions of the black-out detector sensor. Leaving the door open for a long period of time, the liquid can dissolve on the black-out detector sensor, but the food in the freezer can be still in good condition. € Check the state of the liquid only in the presence of electricity. The freezer is able to maintain the frozen food properly for xx hours (depending on the outside temperature) in the case of black-out. [. . . ] A thick layer of ice makes cold transference to food products more difficult and results in increased energy consumption. Troubleshooting If the appliance does not work, before calling for Assistance (see Assistance), check for a solution from the following list. € The plug is not inserted in the outlet, or it is not powerful enough to create a contact, or there is no electricity in the house. A) The refrigerator door has remained open for more than two minutes (the buzzer will stop sounding when you shut the door) or the correct switching-off procedure was not followed (see Maintenance). [. . . ]

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