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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Visit our website to: Get usage advice, brochures, trouble shooter, service information: www. Com/shop CUSTOMER CARE AND SERVICE When contacting Service, ensure that you have the following data available. Warning / Caution-Safety information General information and tips Enviromental information Subject to change without notice. Tryk på knappen Scroll up ( ) eller Scroll down ( ) for at ændre timer, og tryk på knappen Set for at bekræfte. [. . . ] € The mains cable must not come into contact with any hot parts of the appliance. € Do not exceed the maximum filling volume as indicated on the appliances. € Do not use or place the appliance on a hot surface or near source of heat. The manufacturer cannot accept any liability for possible damage caused by improper or incorrect use. When starting the machine for the first time, fill the tank with cold water. Let a full tank of water pass through the machine once or twice to clean it, without using coffee. Making coffee: open the lid and fill the water tank with fresh cold water up to the desired level. There is a gauge for cups on the water tank and on the coffee jug (for the Coffee maker with Glass jug only). Insert the permanent coffee filter in the filter holder and fill it with ground coffee. Close the water tank lid and place the jug (complete with lid) onto the warming plate. When the brewing process is finished the appliance will enter keep warm mode (for the Coffee maker with Glass jug only). Press the Cancel button to stop a selected operation, the appliance will enter standby mode. Note: Press and hold the Cancel button for two seconds to turn off the display. If the jug is removed, the filter valve prevents coffee from dripping onto the warming plate. While boiling, the jug must not be removed for longer than 30 seconds or the filter will overflow. Adjusting the keep warm temperature (for the Coffee maker with Glass jug only): Press the Option button. Choose the desired temperature (High/Medium/Low) by pressing the ( ) or ( ) button. Adjusting the clock: Press and hold the Set button until the time (hours) on the display starts flashing. Press the Scroll up ( ) or Scroll down ( ) button to change hours, then press the Set button to confirm. Set minutes (and AM or PM) by using the ( ) or ( ) button, press the Set button to confirm. [. . . ] The filter holder and the permanent coffee filter can also be washed in the dishwasher. Fill the tank with water and decalcifier according to product instructions, then follow steps 4 and 5. Once finished, the water will stop flowing, followed by three beep sounds. Then thoroughly rinse the coffee jug, lid and filter holder under running water, activate the filter valve repeatedly during the rinse process. [. . . ]

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