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[. . . ] Only then will you be able to operate your appliance safely and correctly. Retain the instruction manual and installation instructions for future use or for subsequent owners. The appliance must only be used for the preparation of food and drink. This appliance is intended for use up to a maximum height of 2000 metres above sea level. [. . . ] Do not use ■ Cooking compartment made of stainless steel sharp or abrasive cleaning agents. If such a substance comes into contact with the front of the appliance, wash it off immediately with water. Before cleaning, unplug the appliance from the mains or switch off the circuit breaker in the fuse box. Clean the outside of the appliance and the cooking compartment with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Turntable and turnta- Hot soapy water: ble ring When putting the turntable back in place, make sure it slots in correctly. Please refer to the malfunction table before calling the after-sales service. If a meal does not turn out exactly as you wanted, refer to the Tested for you in our cooking studio section, where you will find plenty of cooking tips and tricks. Repairs may only be carried out by one of our trained after-sales engineers. 21 Troubleshooting Error message The appliance does not work Possible cause The plug is not plugged in. Power failure Faulty circuit breaker Remedy/note Plug the plug in Check whether the kitchen light works. Look in the fuse box to make sure that the circuit breaker for the appliance is in working order. A The rotary selector was actuated accidencooking time appears in the display. It takes longer than before for the food to heat up The microwave power level setting was too Select a higher microwave power setting. The turntable makes a scratching or Dirt or debris in the area around the turntagrinding noise. After-sales service Our after-sales service is there for you if your appliance needs to be repaired. We will always find the right solution in order to avoid unnecessary visits from a service technician. Technical data Input voltage Power consumption Maximum output power Microwave frequency Fuse Dimensions (HxWxD) ­ appliance ­ cooking compartment VDE approved 280 x 513 x 405 mm 215 x 337 x 354 mm yes yes AC 230 V, 50 Hz 1450 W 900 W 2450 MHz 10 A E number and FD number When calling us, please give the product number (E no. The rating plate bearing these numbers can be found on the right-hand side when you open the appliance door. To save time, you can make a note of the number of your appliance and the telephone number of the after-sales service in the space below, should it be required. After-sales service O Please note that there will be a fee for a visit by a service technician in the event of a malfunction, even during the warranty period. After-sales contact details for all countries can be found in the attached after-sales service directory. Group 2 means that microwaves are produced for the purpose of heating food. [. . . ] – ■ ■ Heating food Menu, plated meal, ready meal (2-3 components) Drinks Weight Microwave power setting in watts, cooking time in minutes Notes Place a spoon in the glass; do not overheat alcoholic drinks; check during heating 350-500 g 600 W, 4-8 mins 150 ml 300 ml 500 ml 900 W, 1-2 mins 900 W, 3-3 mins 900 W, 3-4 mins 360 W, approx. You must check the temperature Soup 1 cup Soup, 2 cups Meat in sauce 200 g 400 g 500 g Separate the slices of meat 25 Heating food Stew Vegetables, 1 portion Vegetables, 2 portions Weight 400 g 800 g 150 g 300 g Microwave power setting in watts, cooking time in minutes 600 W, 6-8 mins 600 W, 8-11 mins 600 W, 2-3 mins 600 W, 3-5 mins ■ Notes add a little liquid Cooking food Notes ■ Food which lies flat will cook more quickly than food which is piled high. You should therefore distribute the food so that it is as flat as possible in the ovenware. Different foodstuffs should not be placed in layers on top of one another. [. . . ]

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