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[. . . ] 26 Before use, please read and follow the safety rules and operating instructions in this manual. Firstly, we would like to thank you for purchasing a CLIMADIFF product and hope that this appliance fully lives up to your expectations. This appliance will enable you to store your bottles and bring them to service temperature, using its multitemperature compartment(s). GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS For your own safety and for the proper utilisation of the appliance, read this manual carefully, including the warnings and recommendations, before installing the appliance and using it for the first time. [. . . ] The winter system (depending on some models) The winter kit is a frost protection system which enables the cellar to operate in an environment where the temperature is between 0 and 32°C. When the inner temperature of the wine cellar is going down of 4°C compared to the selected temperature, a low power electrical element is operating to bring back the inner temperature to the initial selected temperature. This is a low power element to avoid sudden rises in the temperature of the wine and so avoid thermal shocks that are damaging to the preservation of the wine. The kit is intended to raise the cellar’s internal temperature even before there is a thermal exchange with the bottles. Operation of the winter kit temporarily overrides the thermal layering in the wine cabinet. IMPORTANT: If the temperature in the room where your wine cellar is located is about 12ºC (±2), no production of warm or cold air will be observed. When a cooling cycle finishes, the appliance’s refrigerated surfaces are defrosted automatically. The defrost water is channelled into a condensates evaporation tray which is located in the back of the appliance near the compressor. The heat produced by the compressor then evaporates the condensates collected in the tray. Lock (depending on some models) For cellars fitted with a lock, the keys can be found in the bag along with the manual. Lighting The light can be activated or deactivated when pressing the key. It is up to you to arrange the storage capacity of your wine cellar according to your collection. 38 Additional shelves may be ordered as a chargeable option from your retailer or after-sales service, or from our web site www. Tip: to prevent damage to the door seal, ensure that the door is fully open before pulling out the shelves to add or remove bottles. Maximum loading: Do not exceed maximum loads, which you will find in the cellar on a label (similar to the one shown below). Maximum load per shelf: xx kg Maximum of xx layers of bottles Enhanced safety Since this range of appliances is intended for storing items of value, we have been careful to select quality components and to design suitable manufacturing techniques to ensure optimum safety in operation. LOADING The maximum recommended bottle loading quantities are guidelines and are not contractually binding; they provide a quick estimate of the size of the appliance (similar to the litre capacities of refrigerators). They relate to tests conducted with a standard bottle: the “75 cl traditional Bordeaux” bottle. How to fill and maintain your wine cellar: Your wine cellar is delivered with one or more wine bottle trays made of metal. Then simply stack the bottles with their bases facing backward in the back row and conversely for the front row. The bottle shelves should be arranged according to the size of your wine cellar and the shapes of your wine bottles. It is very important not to exceed the load limit for each shelf (refer to the load written inside your cellar). [. . . ] FRIO ENTREPRISE cannot be held liable for errors or technical or editorial omissions in this document. 45 EUROPEAN DATA SHEET according to the regulations (UE) N°1060/2010 POLYVALENT OR CONSERVATION WINE CABINET BRAND COMMERCIAL REFERENCE POWER SUPPLY PRODUCT DIMENSIONS (W x D x H) NET WEIGHT APPLIANCE CATEGORY ENERGY EFFICIENCY CLASS CLIMADIFF CLPG150 220-240 V / 50 Hz 630 x 670 x 1385 mm 57 kg 2 C Energy consumption 245 kWh per year calculated on the basis of results obtained over 24 hours in standardized test conditions. Actual energy consumption depends on conditions of use and the location of the appliance. 285 L 8 – 18°C Automatic defrost Climate class: N This appliance is designed to be used at an ambient temperature of between 16°C (lowest) and 32°C (highest). [. . . ]

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