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[. . . ] No reproduction in any form of this manual, in whole or in part (except for brief quotation in critical articles or reviews), may be made without written authorization from NIKON CORPORATION. DIGITAL CAMERA User's Manual Printed in Singapore SB8J01(11) 6MOA1811-01 • Read this manual thoroughly before using the camera. € To ensure proper use of the camera, be sure to read “For Your Safety” (page xvi). € After reading this manual, keep it in a readily accessible place for future reference. [. . . ] In Sport, Normal, and On modes, vibration reduction applies only to motion that is not part of the pan (if the camera is panned horizontally, for example, vibration reduction will be applied only to vertical shake). To prevent unintended results, select Off when the camera is mounted on a tripod unless the tripod head is unsecured or the camera is mounted on a monopod, in which case Normal, Sport, or On is recommended. 112 The i Button AF-Area Mode AF-area mode controls how the camera selects the focus-point for autofocus. Option Option 3 Pinpoint AF d Single-point AF e Dynamic-area AF f Wide-area AF (S) g Wide-area AF (L) h Auto-area AF The option currently selected is shown by an icon in the display during shooting. Option AF-S AF-C Continuous AF Single AF MF Option Manual focus The option currently selected is shown by an icon in the display during shooting. The i Button 113 The Movie-Mode i Menu At default settings, the following items appear in the i menu for movie mode. The i Button 115 Frame Size, Frame Rate, and Movie Quality Select the movie frame size (in pixels) and frame rate. You can also choose from two Movie quality options: High quality (indicated by frame size/rate icons with “m”) and Normal. Together, these options determine the maximum bit rate, as shown in the following table. 1 Actual frame rates for values listed as 120p, 60p, 30p, and 24p are respectively 119. 3 Image area fixed at DX (Z 7) or FX (Z 6); face detection not enabled in auto-area AF AF-area mode. The number of files and the length of each file vary with the options selected for Frame size/frame rate and Movie quality. 116 The i Button The option currently selected is shown by an icon in the display. ❚ Slow-Motion Movies To record silent slow-motion movies, select a “slow-mo” option for Frame size/frame rate. Slow-motion movies are recorded at 4 or 5 times the rated speed and play back at the rated speed. Movies shot at 1920 × 1080; 30p ×4 (slow-mo), for example, are recorded at a frame rate of roughly 120 fps and play back at around 30 fps, meaning that 10 seconds recording produces about 40 seconds of footage. 976 fps) D Slow-Motion Movies Features such as flicker reduction, electronic vibration reduction, and time code output cannot be used when a “slow-mo” option is selected. The i Button 117 Microphone Sensitivity Turn the built-in or external microphones on or off or adjust microphone sensitivity. Choose bA to adjust sensitivity automatically or Microphone off to turn sound recording off or adjust microphone sensitivity manually by choosing a value between b1 and b20 (the higher the value, the higher the sensitivity). At settings other than bA, the option currently selected is shown by an icon in the display. D The 2 Icon Movies recorded with the microphone off are indicated by a 2 icon in full-frame and movie playback. 118 The i Button Choose Image Area Choose the size of the area on the image sensor used to record movies. [. . . ] Selecting an image-quality option marked with a star (“m”; optimal compression) increases the file size of JPEG images; number of images and buffer capacity drop accordingly. Image quality NEF (RAW) JPEG 3 Technical Notes 235 Battery Endurance The approximate length of footage or number of shots that can be recorded with a fully-charged EN-EL15b 1 battery varies with the monitor mode. The figures for photographs 2 are as follows: • Viewfinder only: 330 shots (Z 7), 310 shots (Z 6) • Monitor only: 400 shots (Z 7), 380 shots (Z 6) The figures for movies 3 are: • Viewfinder only: 85 minutes • Monitor only: 85 minutes Actions such as the following can reduce battery endurance: • Keeping the shutter-release button pressed halfway • Repeated autofocus operations • Taking NEF (RAW) photographs • Slow shutter speeds • Using camera Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) and Bluetooth features • Using the camera with optional accessories connected • Repeatedly zooming in and out To ensure that you get the most from rechargeable Nikon EN-EL15b batteries: • Keep the battery contacts clean. 1 EN-EL15a/EN-EL15 batteries can also be used, but note that you may not be able to take as many pictures on a single charge. [. . . ]

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