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[. . . ] Com manuals search engine BECCO Plus LEERSEITE 2 Downloaded from www. Com manuals search engine For Your Safety BECCO Plus General Safety Information For Your Safety Throughout this document, highlighted texts indicate potential dan­ gers and risks. The danger levels are aligned to the conventions defined in ANSI Z535. Probability of occurrence: possible General Safety Information Observe the following safety instructions in order to protect your­ self from the possibility of personal injury and the product from damage. [. . . ] Change the ┠SIM1┨ or ┠Phone┨ storage location using the Hash or Star key. Memory status You can check how much memory space is available for your text messages. The mem­ ory capacity of the SIM card and mobile phone is displayed. Com manuals search engine Mobile Phone Menu Settings BECCO Plus Settings The Settings menu is used to change the basic settings such as time, language, call settings, telephone settings, network and se­ curity settings etc. Dual SIM settings You must insert two SIM cards in the mobile phone in order to use this function. You can define whether the mobile phone should access one or both SIM cards inserted. Phone Settings You can define the basic settings for the mobile phone, such as language, time, date, back-lighting etc. Time and date Set the time and date before using the mobile phone for the first time. Adapt the settings for time zone and home city as well as the time and date format according to your needs. Language The mobile phone can be operated in four different languages (German, English, French and Dutch). Switching on/off automatically The mobile phone can be switched on or off automatically at a time you define. Mobile Phone Menu BECCO Plus Preferred input method You can define the method by which you enter text. This setting affects all the operating modes in which text can be entered (creating phone book contacts, writing text messages etc. Phone Settings Display Define which background image (wallpaper) you want on the start screen, whether the time should be displayed on the start screen and which animation should appear after switching the mobile phone on and off. If you have stored private pictures on the mobile phone, you can also use one of them as the wallpaper. Back-lighting You can define how bright the back-lighting of the screen display should be and how long it should be active. Com manuals search engine Mobile Phone Menu Call Settings Network settings The mobile phone searches for and automatically selects the mo­ bile network assigned to the SIM card or mobile phone provider (network operator) . The presettings in this menu are set-up by the SIM card or network operator. BECCO Plus Call Settings You can define various settings in order to specify certain tele­ phone reactions and features for your mobile phone. Send own phone number You can define whether you send your own phone number to the person called with each outgoing call (┠Send ID┨), not to send it (┠Hide ID┨) or have this setting defined by your mobile phone provider (┠Set by network┨). Call waiting You can define whether a new, incoming call should be indicated by means of the call waiting signal while a call is already in progress. You can check whether the service is available in ┠Query status┨. [. . . ] The values specified in the di­ rective concerning radio frequency emissions are based on a unit called SAR. SAR values are established using standard methods in which the mobile phone is operated in all possible frequency bands with the highest power output. Although the SAR values of various phone models can differ, all the models were developed to maintain the relevant directives on radio frequency emissions. The following information applies to countries such as the EU member states which accept the SAR limit value of 2 W/Kg (aver­ age value from 10 g fabric) recommended by ICNIRP (Internation­ al Commission on Non-lonizing Radiation Protection): The highest measured SAR value using 10 g fabric with this mobile phone was 0. [. . . ]

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