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[. . . ] BDT 2/BDT 20 Blu-ray Disc™ player Owner’s Manual Downloaded from www. Com manuals search engine BDT 2/BDT 20 Important Safety Instructions Unpacking Installation Location Cleaning Thank You for Choosing Harman Kardon® Products!BDT 2/BDT 20 Features Supplied Accessories Front-Panel Controls Rear-Panel Connections Remote Control Functions Connecting the Player Preparing the Remote Control Setting Up the Player Playing Discs Playing Files from USB Devices and CD Data Discs Using Playlists Troubleshooting Specifications 3 5 5 5 5 6 6 7 8 8 10 10 11 14 16 18 19 20 Table of Contents 2 Downloaded from www. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat. [. . . ] Com manuals search engine BDT 2/BDT 20 Setting Up the Player NOTE: The menu screens shown in this manual are for illustrative purposes and may differ somewhat from the actual displays. To set up your BDT 2/BDT 20, you will use the remote to navigate through all of the on-screen menus and make selections from them. €• Use the Cursor Up/Down buttons to navigate through the menu list. Setup Wizard When you turn your BDT 2/BDT 20 on for the first time, the on-screen menu will display the Setup Wizard. Setting Up the Player After selecting your TV’s highest resolution, press the OK button and the Wizard’s aspectratio screen will appear. If you’re unsure of your TV’s highest resolution, select “Auto, ” and the player will automatically select the optimal resolution. Before you can use your BDT 2/BDT 20, you need to set the language and make a few basic settings so that the player’s video output will work properly with your TV. Press the OK button and the Wizard’s language screen will appear. After selecting the aspect ratio that best fits your TV, press the OK button to save your setting, and then press it again to exit the Setup Wizard. After setting the language you want the on-screen menus to use, press the OK button, and the Wizard’s TV-resolution screen will appear. Com manuals search engine ENGLISH BDT 2/BDT 20 Settings Menus Pressing the remote’s Settings button displays the player’s settings menus, which allow you to configure the receiver’s various functions. Use the remote’s Cursor Left/ Right buttons to change from one menu to another, use the Cursor Up/Down buttons to navigate through the lists that appear on the various screens, and use the OK button to select highlighted items. Setting Up the Player Language: This setting lets you set the language for the disc player and the disc menus, the preferred audio language and the preferred subtitle language. NOTE: If the selected language is not available on the particular disc being played, use the disc’s menu to set the language from those available on the disc. Playback: The Playback option allows you to set the following disc playback features: •• Show Angle Icon: This option lets you select whether or not the angle icon will automatically be displayed when a disc with multiple camera angles is played. €• Auto Play: This option lets you select whether discs will automatically begin playing when they are loaded into the player. €• Show PIP Icon: This option lets you select whether or not the picture-in-picture icon will automatically be displayed when you play a Blu-ray Disc recording with picture-in-picture content. €• Show Secondary Audio Icon: This option lets you select whether or not the Secondary Audio icon will automatically be displayed when you play a Blu-ray Disc recording with secondary audio content. €• Disc Resume: This option lets you select whether or not a disc that has been ejected while playing will resume play from that location the next time it is inserted into the disc player. •• DivX® VOD DRM: This option displays your player’s DivX registration information. Parental Control: This option lets you set the player’s parental-control password and the level of parental control you want active. Network: This option allows you to set the following network features: •• Information: This option displays your network’s IP, subnet mask, gateway and DNS addresses. [. . . ] Or DVD: Cannot access media on a connected USB device: The player does not respond to remote-control commands: •• Check that the device is formatted in the FAT32 file system. Other file systems are not compatible with the BDT 2/BDT 20. €• Replace both remote-control batteries with fresh ones, and make sure that they are installed correctly. €• Check that the player’s remote sensor is in the remote control’s line of sight. [. . . ]

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