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Manual abstract: user guide

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[. . . ] Note: If the robot is used to clean rooms with wall-to-wall carpet, remove the side brush for best cleaning results. The Battery icon will pulse, to indicate that the robot is recharging. red light pulse (B): The robot is charging – Low charging level. [. . . ] Note: The cleaning pattern is more efficient if the robot is started next to a wall. Note: If the robot is not started from the charging base, it will return to the start position when finished. Should recharging be needed during cleaning, the home button will light up and the robot will return to the charging base. The battery and Play/ Pause button (B) flash to indicate that the robot is charging and that it will resume where it stopped. Stop cleaning and send the robot to the charging base: Press the Home button. If the robot is not started from the charging base, it will return to the starting position. SPOT cleaning (small area, ~ 1 m2): Place the robot facing the spot and press the SPOT button. Carpets: The robot cleans - short-pile carpets: (A) in the same pattern as the room - medium-pile carpets : (B) first around it (C) and comes back later to clean the carpet separately - high-pile carpets: (D) are not cleaned. When the robot reaches the edge it continues with the rest of the cleaning. SE SK Preparing the cleaning area Before cleaning, remove smaller and fragile objects such as clothing, curtain strings, papers and power cords from the floor. If the device passes over a power cord and drags it, there is a risk that an object could be pulled off a table or shelf. Larger/taller objects such as chairs can be left as the robot will clean around them. Strong light, Mirrored walls, floor-to-ceiling windows and very shining objects could disturb the 3D Vision system. Limiting the cleaning area The robot will clean all floors it can access. To limit the cleaning area, simply close doors or put an obstacle in the way. Manual moving of the robot: Moving the robot during the cleaning process is not advised, as it might restart the cleaning from the beginning. Cleaning of a house with more than one floor can be facilitated by using an extra charging base on each floor. (ANC: 406000071) Emptying the Dust container, Replacing/Cleaning the Filter / Vidage du bac à poussière, remplacement/nettoyage du filtre 13 Emptying the Dust container Vidage du bac à poussière GB FR B A CZ DE 1. [. . . ] Batteries must be removed and disposed of safely, before desposing of the machine. The warning icon will pulse and the digits “E:” followed by an error code, is shown on the display. After an error has occured, press any button to play the audio message again. [. . . ]

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