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[. . . ] - by customers in hotels , ∙ The appliance and its power motels etc. And similar cord must be kept well away accommodation, from children under 3 at all - in bed-and breakfast type times. Well away from children – such materials are a potential source of danger, e. [. . . ] ˆ Divide the yoghurt powder into the jars, following the manufacturer’s instructions. ˆ Briefly heat up the milk to 90 °C and then allow it to cool to approx. ˆ Divide the milk equally into the glass jars and mix the contents gently but thoroughly. ˆ If cold milk is used, it will take 8 to 12 hours, depending on the initial temperature. Operation ∙ Set up the yoghurt maker in a room at normal room temperature. Place the prepared and closed glass jars in the yoghurt maker and put on the top lid. ˆ Use the rotary control to set the desired processing time (5-15 h). ˆ After about a second, the indicator light flashes once for each programmed hour. ˆ The yoghurt maker should then be left undisturbed until the yoghurt has set. ˆ Once the programmed processing time has elapsed, the heating element switches off automatically and the indicator light flashes slowly. ˆ Turn the rotary control to its position and disconnect the appliance from the mains. ˆ Note: To ensure that the correct processing time can be set, the rotary control must first be turned back to each time before a new cycle is to be started. ˆ Transfer the warm jars to the refrigerator and allow the yoghurt to develop further for a few hours. ˆ If you wish to make fruit yoghurt, add 11 the fruit to the warm yoghurt before you transfer the jars to the refrigerator to cool. ˆ Once you have made your first batch of yoghurt, reserve the required amount of the yoghurt for your next batch. ˆ Remark: After several cycles the yoghurt may become watery, and it is then time to restart the process with fresh natural yoghurt or fresh yoghurt powder. Interruption to the power supply If the power supply is interrupted while the programme is active, the appliance will need to be re-started. However, when setting the remaining processing time, the time elapsed before the interruption must be taken into account. [. . . ] This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights, nor any legal rights you may have as a consumer under applicable national legislation governing the purchase of goods. If the product fails to operate and needs to be returned, pack it carefully, enclosing your name and address and the reason for return. If within the guarantee period, please also provide the guarantee card and proof of purchase. [. . . ]

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