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[. . . ] Expanded Basic Functions, to Support Variety of Business Needs Simple operability to enhance your work efficiency Special hard keys Special operations such as ID Copy and Simplex/Duplex setting are now assigned to special hard keys. There is no need to go through different menus but with one simple touch. When an error occurs, guidance with graphics is displayed on the screen. [. . . ] Scan Document formats Conversion E-mail Client PC TIFF tif SMB Client PC PDF Select the destination for the scanned data The scanned files can be saved directly to USB memory, or sent to different destination such as E-mail*1, SMB*1 or FTP*1. *1 Optional Network Interface Card NC-504 or PCL controller with NIC IC-209 and Option Panel MK-749 are required. Pdf FTP Server JPEG USB USB memory Cost and environmental friendliness are always the first priority Double-sided print and double-sided scan 2-sided document can be output by the Auto Duplex Unit AD-509 (optional) to reduce paper amount. Toner loop mechanism With the Konica Minolta's own Toner Loop Mechanism technology, there will be no more waste toner. Fresh toner 1 2 Reused toner Developing unit 1 Cleaning Drum Paper Any multiple 2-sided documents can be scanned automatically all at once with the Reverse Automatic Document Feeder DF-625 (Optional). scan performance (1-sided per minute) Black/white binary 150dpi 300dpi 600dpi 46ppm 46ppm 23ppm * When equipped with the Reverse Automatic Document feeder DF-625. 2 Transferred to paper Simitri toner with biomas Konica Minolta's own Polymerized Toner technology achieves high image quality. The toner fuses at low temperature to bring the overall reduction of power consumption and CO ² emission, and saving TCO. CO ² emission in the production process can also be also greatly reduced, compared to pulverised toner. Comparison of CO² emissions during the production of Simitri toner and pulverised toner Full colour 20ppm 8ppm - Grayscale 38ppm 16ppm - Simitri toner about 30% Pulverised toner Advanced security features to protect valuable information SMTP authentication To support SMTP authentication which permits sending e-mail to users authenticated by the SMTP server. connection to an SMTP server allows SSL communication , so E-mail can be sent in a security-conscious state. This is suitable for small offices and other situations without a private E-mail server. connection to an SMTP server allows SSL communication , so E-mail can be sent in a security-conscious state. Account track Can not authenticate SSL communication Internet ISP Authentication with ID and password MFP with SMTP Authentication The MFP can be set to request a 3-digit account number to use the Copy feature. Security print The MFP will not perform any outputs until user enters the same password as it has been set in the printer driver. To prevent highly confidentiality documents being left on the MFP or taken by unauthorized user. [. . . ] €¢ Energy Star • RoHS Compliance • WEEE Compliance • Eco-friendly Toners • Production at ISO Certified Factories Requirements for safe use • Please read and follow the instruction manual to ensure safe operation. €¢ Only operate using appropriate power supply and voltage. €¢ Connecting the earth wire to an inappropriate place may cause explosion or electric shock. [. . . ]

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