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Manual abstract: user guide

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ]  Keep children and pets away from the appliance during operation or when cooling.  Cleaning and maintenance should not be done by children without supervision.  WARNING: Accessible parts may become hot during use. WARNING: The appliance and its accessible parts become hot during use. [. . . ] If this is not the case then any damage resulting from the repair in question is excluded from the guarantee. Main Components 1 2 On/Off switch 3 Control Lamp KD91403 / KD92903 / KD92923 4 Handle 5 Anti-Slip mat 6 Drawer Grid * KD91404 6 *Drawer Grid only available with the model KD92903E/KD92923E 2. How the crockery warmer works This appliance is equipped with a warm air circulation system. A fan distributes the heat generated by an electrical heating element throughout the interior of the appliance. The thermostat allows the user to define and control the temperature wanted for the crockery. The circulating hot air that is generated heats up the crockery quickly and evenly. The base of the drawer is fitted with a non-slip mat to prevent plates and dishes sliding around when the drawer is opened and closed. Before using for the first time Before using the appliance for the first time you should clean the interior and the exterior, following the cleaning instructions given in the section “Cleaning and Maintenance”. For this, turn the temperature control to the maximum position (see section ‘Selecting temperature”). Both the odour and any smoke that may form will disappear after a short time and neither signifies that there is anything wrong with the connection or the appliance. Using the crockery warmer To use the crockery warmer, proceed as follows:  Put the crockery in the drawer.  Select the function you want by turning the thermostat control to the desired position.  Switch on the appliance by pressing the switch, which will light up. Be careful not to use too much force when closing the drawer since it may open up again. Before taking out the warm crockery you must switch off the crockery warmer by pressing the switch again 3. Selecting function By turning the thermostat control you can select temperatures between 30 and 80 °C. Do not force the thermostat control to the left of the “0” position or to the right of the maximum position since this may damage the appliance. As soon as the selected temperature is reached, the heating is turned off. When the temperature drops to a value below than the one selected, the heating is turned back on. The temperature scale is marked with absolute temperatures in ºC and also has symbols which correspond to the optimum temperatures for groups of crockery: 3. ENGLISH Symbol ºC 30ºC Function Defrosting Proving dough Cups / glasses warming Crockery warming Keep food warm Food Warming Low temperature cooking (only available with the model KD92903E) 9 40ºC 60ºC 80ºC 3. As you use the crockery warmer more and more you will learn the best settings for your crockery. [. . . ] To build-in the appliance which is combined with the crockery warmer, follow the instructions set out in the respective instructions and fitting booklet. The relevant installation dimensions are indicated in mm in the diagrams shown at the end of this booklet. Place the crockery warmer on the shelf and slide it towards the interior of the niche in such a way that it is centred and completely lined up with the front of the unit. Electrical installation must be performed by an electrician qualified in accordance with the legislation in force. [. . . ]

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