Download your DISHWASHER CANDY CSIN 2D360PB user guide or user manual


We hope that this user guide will be useful to you.
Once downloaded, you must make sure that the Manual matches the Product for which you intend to use it. You agree to remain entirely responsible for the use you do with the instructions contained in the document, no matter whether damages of losses occur following its use.

Manual abstract: user guide

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] We are confident it will assist you loyally in washing your daily dishes in full safety. Carefully read this manual for correct and safe appliance use and for helpful tips on efficient maintenance. We recommend you always keep this manual to hand and in good condition for any future owner. Please check that the appliance is delivered with this instruction manual, the warranty certificate, the service centre address and the energy efficiency label. [. . . ] 2); 2) wash the rotor arms under a jet of water to clear any blockage in the spray heads. After every wash it is essential to turn off water supply and to switch off the machine by pressing the On/Off button to the off position. If the machine is not going to be used for some time, it is advisable to follow these rules: 1. Do an empty wash with detergent in order to clean the machine of any deposits; 2. If the machine is left in places where the temperature is below 0°C any water left inside the pipes may freeze. Wait until the temperature rises above zero and then wait for about 24 hours before. G "Start/Reset" button (start/cancel programme) H "Addish" light I "EXPRESS" light L "TABS" light M "Wi-Fi" light Place settings (EN 50242) Capacity with pans and dishes Water supply pressure (MPa) L Close the door (after an audible signal has sounded, the programme will start automatically). L To turn the appliance on and off, press the ON/OFF button (for at least 3 seconds). At the end of the cycle, remember to switch off the appliance using the ON/OFF button, then remove the plug and close the water supply. In the event that the machine remains switched on without selecting or starting any program, after 5 mins. Next time you switch on the appliance First time you switch on the appliance L Connect the machine to the power supply. L Open the door, put the dishes to be washed inside, and close the door again. L In this phase only the "SMART DOOR/ EXPRESS" "TABS" and "Start/ Reset" buttons will remain active. The message "BRAVA" will appear on the display and all the indicator lights will turn on for 3 secs. L Pressing the "SMART DOOR/EXPRESS" and "TABS" buttons you can select the preferred language. L To accept the language selection press the "Start/Reset" button Immediately afterwards the "WELCOME" message will scroll on the display once and the indicator lights will all be off. l The message of the "ECO 2:50" or "ECO 3:25" programme (with SMART DOOR option activated). L Press "Start/Reset" and a signal will sound, the indicator light corresponding to the selected programme will stay on and the wash indicator light will come on. L Hold down the ON/OFF button for about 3 Secs to turn the machine on and the "ECO 2:50" programme or the programme you have decided to use will appear on the display, saving it when the dishwasher is switched on. (To save the programme, see the specific paragraph "Memorising the last programme used"). settings Menu The dishwasher is regulated with certain factory settings. Nevertheless, from the Settings menu, you can adjust various parameters to suit your washing requirements. [. . . ] If the error occurs again contact an Authorised Customer Service Centre directly. If malfunctions or faults occur when a programme is running, the indicator light that corresponds to the selected cycle will blink rapidly, and an intermittent audio signal will sound. In this case, turn the dishwasher off by pressing the "ON/OFF" button. After checking to make sure the water supply is open, that the drain pipe is not bent and that the siphon or filters are not clogged, set the selected program again. [. . . ]

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