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[. . . ] During cooking, moisture may condense inside the oven cavity or on the glass of the door. To reduce this effect, wait 1015 minutes after turning on the power before putting food inside the oven. Ln any case, the condensation disappears when the oven reaches the cooking temperature. Cook the vegetables in a container with a lid instead of an open tray. [. . . ] Plastics or glues that cannot withstand such temperatures will melt and deform the unit. Once the oven has been lodged inside the unit, the electrical parts must be completely insulated. All guards must be firmly fixed into place so that it is impossible to remove them without using special tools. Remove the back of the kitchen unit to ensure an adequate current of air circulates around the oven. Ensure first that there is a third contact that acts as earthing for the oven. If the model of oven is not fitted with a plug, fit a standard plug to the power cable. It must be able to bear the power supply indicated on the specifications plate. If the socket and the plug are incompatible the socket must be changed by a properly qualified person. A properly qualified person must also ensure that the power cables can carry the current required to operate the oven. The connections must take account of the current supplied and must comply with current legal requirements. The yellow-green earthing cable must not be governed by the ON/OFF switch. The socket or the ON/OFF switch used for connecting to the power supply must be easily accessible when the oven has been installed. Important: During installation, position the power cable in such a way that it will not be subjected to temperatures of above 50°C at any point. The oven is safe to use only if it has been adequately earthed in compliance with current legal requirements on wiring safety. The manufacturers cannot be held responsible for any harm or injury to persons, animals or belongings caused by failure to properly earth the oven. WARNING: the voltage and the supply frequency are showed on the rating plate (fig. The cabling and wiring system must be able to bear the maximum electric power required by the oven. If you are in any doubt at all, use the services of a professionally qualified person. It is necessary to do an initial cleaning of the equipment before the first use of each of them. The special profile of the shelves means they stay horizontal even when pulled right out. It is only used with the Grill, Rotisserie, or Fan Assisted Grill ; remove it from the oven for other cooking methods. Never use the drip tray as a roasting tray as this creates smoke and fat will spatter your oven making it dirty. [. . . ] Push the central button 1 times · Press the buttons "-" "+" to set the required time · Release all the buttons When the set time as elapsed an audible alarm is activated (this alarm will stop on its own, however it can be stopped immediately by pressing the button) SELECT. Allows to use the oven as alarm clock (could be activated either with operating the oven or with out operating the oven) Push the central button 2 times · Press the buttons "-" or "+"to set the lenght of cooking required · release all buttons · Set the cooking function with the oven function selector Push any button to stop the signal. Push the central button to return to the clock function Push the central button 3 times · Press the buttons "-" "+" to set the time at which you wish the oven to switch off · release the buttons · Set the cooking function with the oven function selector At the time set, the oven will switch off. To switch off manually, turn the oven function selector to position O. [. . . ]

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