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[. . . ] Do not store containers which contain carbonated drinks in the freezer compartment. The tubes of the refrigeration circuit contain a small quantity of the environmentally friendly but flammable refrigerant R600a. It does not damage the ozone layer and does not increase the greenhouse effect. Do not damage the tubes If the tubes are damaged: Keep naked flames and Ignition sources away from the appliance. [. . . ] Note: You can connect the appliance to mains-controlled and sine-controlled inverters. Mains-controlled inverters are used for photovoltaic systems which are connected directly to the national grid. On ships or in mountain lodges, which are not connected directly to the national grid. A layer of hoarfrost or ice in the freezer compartment impairs refrigeration of the frozen food and increases power consumption. If greater demands are made of the appliance, the power consumption will increase. After installing the appliance, wait at Least 1 hour before connecting it to The socket must comply with the Outside Europe: Check whether the Indicated current type of the Appliance specifications are on the The socket must be freely Fold out the last page with the ecnailparuoywonkotgniteG diagrams. You can remove the container: Pull out the container all the way, lift You can remove the storage compartment: Lift up storage compartment and After the appliance has been switched on, it may take several hours until the set temperature has been reached. Do not put in any food until the selected temperature has been reached. Switching off and disconnecting the appliance The appliance no longer cools. disconnecting the appliance If you do not use the appliance for a prolonged period: 1. Pull out the mains plug or switch off Keep pressing the button °C until the display indicates the required temperature. freezer compartment The temperature in the refrigerator compartment will affect the temperature in the freezer compartment. Change the temperature in the refrigerator compartment in order to change the temperature in the freezer compartment. Temperatures which are set higher in the refrigerator compartment will increase temperatures in the freezer compartment. Sticker OK (not all models) You can use sticker OK to check whether the temperature in the refrigerator compartment reaches +4 °C or lower. When the appliance is switched on, it may take up to 12 hours until the set temperature is reached. When the Super function is switched on, the freezer compartment and refrigerator compartment will become colder. : to freeze food solid as quickly as Possible 4 to 6 hours before freezing food Weighing 2 kg or more to use the max. The tnemtrapmocrotaregirfeR refrigerator compartment is suitable for storing meat, sausages, fish, dairy products, eggs, ready meals and pastries. The refrigerator compartment can also be used to store highly perishable foods in the short to medium term. The lower the selected temperature, the slower the enzymatic and chemical processes and deterioration by microorganisms. A temperature of +4 °C or lower ensures optimum freshness and safety of the stored foods. [. . . ] ~ "Getting to know your appliance" on page 25 Trust the expertise of the manufacturer. You can therefore be sure that the repair is carried out by trained service technicians who carry original spare parts for your domestic appliances. appliance self-test Your appliance features a self-test programme which displays the fault which your customer service can rectify. Within the first 10 seconds after Switching on, press and hold the °C button for 3 to 5 seconds until 2°C is lit on the temperature display for the cooling compartment. [. . . ]

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