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[. . . ] for domestic or similar applications, such as the - staff kitchens in shops, offices and other similar working environments, - agricultural working environments, - by customers in hotels, motels etc. and similar accommodation , - in bed-and breakfast type environments. This appliance may be used by children (at least 8 years of age) and by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lacking experience and knowledge, provided they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance and fully understand all dangers and safety precautions involved. Children must not be permitted to play with the Children must not be Permitted to carry out any cleaning or maintenance work on the appliance unless they are supervised and at least 8 years of age. [. . . ] Before using for the first time Before making coffee for the first time, let the appliance go through two or three filtration cycles using the indicated maximum amount of cold water, but without using ground coffee. This should also be done if the appliance has not been used for an extended period of time, and after descaling. And on the glass carafe facilitates filling the container with the correct amount of clean water. With a dual-scale, the left scale is used for regular-sized cups of approx. If several consecutive brewing cycles are required, switch off the coffee maker after each cycle and let the appliance cool down for approx. Important note: When filling the appliance with fresh water shortly after a brewing cycle is completed, there is a danger of scalding from hot water or steam escaping through the water outlet. Making coffee Filling with water: Open the water container lid and fill the container with the desired quantity of water. Inserting the paper filter: Open the swing-out filter sideways and insert a size-2 paper filter into the filter holder, first folding down the perforated sides of the filter. Filling with ground coffee: For each regular-sized cup (125 ml), a measure of about 6 g (= 1½ - 2 tea-spoons) of medium or finely ground coffee will be required. Preparing the glass carafe: Fit the lid onto the carafe, and then place the carafe into the appliance. If cor-rectly inserted, the lid will disable the drip-stop mechanism in the filter holder during the brewing cycle. Starting the brewing cycle: Insert the plug into a suitable wall outlet and use the On/Off switch to turn the coffee maker on. Removing the glass carafe: Wait until all the water has passed through the filter before the carafe is removed from the appliance. Keeping the coffee warm: The coffee may be kept warm inside the carafe by leaving it standing on the hot-plate. The plate is kept hot for around 35 minutes after brewing is complete. interrupting the brewing/keeping-warm Cycle: To interrupt the brewing cycle, or if the keeping-warm function is not needed, use the On/Off switch to turn the appliance off (position `0'). Switching off the coffee maker: Once brewing/keeping-warm is complete, use the On/Off switch to turn the appliance off (position `0') and remove the plug from the wall socket. An excessive build-up of lime deposits is very difficult to remove, even when strong descaling agents are used. We therefore strongly recommend descaling the appliance after each thirty to forty brewing cycles. For descaling, a vinegar solution may be used as follows: Mix 40 ml of vinegar essence with the indicated maximum amount of cold water. Pour the descaling solution into the water container, insert a paper filter into the filter holder without adding any ground coffee as described in section Making coffee, and let the appliance run through one filtration cycle. During descaling, ensure sufficient ventilation and do not inhale any vinegar vapours. [. . . ] Disposal Devices marked with this symbol must be disposed of separately from your household waste, as they contain valuable materials which can be recycled. Your local authority or retailer can provide information on the matter. Guarantee This product is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Under this guarantee the manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace any parts found to be defective, providing the product is returned to one of our authorised service centres. [. . . ]

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