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[. . . ] Children may breathe in or swallow small parts, causing them to suffocate. Connect and operate the appliance only in accordance with the specifications on the rating plate. Connect the appliance to a power supply with alternating current only via a properly installed socket with earthing. The protective conductor system of the domestic electrical installation must be properly installed. [. . . ] Therefore Bosch cannot provide any delivery guarantee for the TASSIMO TDISCs. Order number / Web shop You Basicoperation can find out everything you need to know about operating your appliance here. Tips ¡ Fill the water tank each day with Fresh, cold, non-carbonated water. To keep your appliance working effi- Cleaningandservicing ciently for a long time, it is important to clean and maintain it carefully. dishwasher-safe components Find out which components can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Some components are sensitive to Heat and may be damaged if they are cleaned in a dishwasher. Lights up, run the descaling Structions at the start of these instruc- Improper cleaning and descaling or a delay in doing so may damage the appliance. Immediately perform the descaling process in accordance with the instructions. You Troubleshooting can rectify minor faults on your appliance yourself. Read the troubleshooting information before contacting after-sales service. Repairs to the appliance should only be carried out by trained specialist staff. If the power cord of this appliance is damaged, it must be replaced by the Manufacturer, the manufacturer's Customer Service or a similarly qualified person in order to prevent any risk. The appliance has no power Check to see whether the appliance The water tank was removed during the brewing stage or there is air in the system. The appliance not connected to the power supply when the T DISC was inserted. Clean the brewing unit with a soft, damp cloth, particularly in the area of the lock. Connect the appliance to the power supply before inserting the T DISC. Press the piercing unit into the holder using both thumbs until it clicks audibly into place. Clean the brewing unit with a soft, damp cloth, particularly in the area of the lock. Only open the brewing unit when the status display remains lit continuously. Wait until the brewing process has come to an end and the appliance has cooled down. The piercing unit is not inser- Press the piercing unit into the Holder using both thumbs until it There is water under the cup Condensation has formed Remove excess water with a soft LED lights up even though there is enough water in the water tank. If the problem persists for a longer period, have the voltage of your property checked by an electrician. [. . . ] Make a note of your appliance's details and the Customer Service telephone number to find them again quickly. warranty conditions You can make warranty claims for your appliance under the following conditions. The guarantee conditions for this appliance are as defined by our representative in the country in which it is sold. Details regarding these conditions can be obtained from the dealer from whom the appliance was purchased. [. . . ]

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