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Manual abstract: user guide

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] This appliance may be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or whose experience or knowledge is not sufficient, provided they are supervised or have received instruction to use the device safely and understand the dangers. This appliance may be used by children of at least 8 years of age, as long as they are supervised and have been given instructions about using the appliance safely and are fully aware of the dangers involved. Cleaning and maintenance by the user should not be carried out by children unless they are at least 8 years of age and are supervised by an adult. Keep the appliance and its cord out of reach of children under 8 years of age. [. . . ] Switch off and disconnect the appliance from the power supply before carrying out cleaning & maintenance or when not in use. Any intervention other than normal cleaning and maintenance by the customer must be performed by an approved Service Centre. Never place your hand on the warming plate while the coffee maker is in operation. Allow the appliance to cool down completely before you clean and store it. Do not use the insulated pot over a flame or on electric cooking hobs. Practical tests using appliances taken at random are Conducted and this may explain any possible traces of use. The isothermal pot (Depending on model) is not dishwasher proof and should not be used in a microwave. The power cord must never be close to or in contact with hot parts of the appliance, close to a source of heat or resting on sharp edges. Never place the appliance below or close to easily inflammable objects (e. After switching on your coffee maker, never put your hand on the warming plate when you are removing the jug from the coffee maker. While in operation, this plate has a very high temperature, which could cause burns. Read them carefully before using your new appliance for the first time. N Remove all packaging and other accessories inside as well as outside the appliance. N Operate the coffee maker for the first time without coffee, and with a full tank of water to rinse the circuit. N An anti-drip system allows you to remove the carafe as coffee is being made. After use, throw away the coffee grounds and rinse the filter holder under running water. The recommended quantity of ground coffee for one cup is a level spoonful of standard grind coffee (maximum of 7 grams). Your coffee maker is equipped with an automatic stop system: n The appliance will stop automatically after approximately 5 minutes. N The appliance may be turned off at any time by pressing the on/off button iNSULATED POT N Keep warm: Temper the pot in advance for a few minutes with warm water and empty it. N Keep cool - Cool down the pot using cold water and empty it prior to filling it with a cool drink. [. . . ] Please contact our Customer Relations Team first for expert help and advice. N The appliance is leaking: - make sure that the tank has not been filled above the maximum level n The filter holder is overflowing or the coffee is coming out too slowly: - There are too many coffee grounds - The coffee grounds are too fine and unsuitable for a filter coffee maker - The spout has been removed for too long during the preparation cycle. - The paper filter is not fully open or has not been correctly fitted. Dette apparatet er ikke beregnet for personer (inkludert barn) med reduserte fysiske, sensoriske eller mentale evner, eller personer som mangler kjennskap til eller erfaring med apparatet, med mindre de har fått opplæring i bruken av det eller er under oppsyn av en person som er ansvarlig for deres sikkerhet. [. . . ]

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