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[. . . ] 56 Preparing coffee using ground coffee 56 Preparing drinks with milk . Check the appliance for Do not connect the appliance if it has been damaged in transport. Only use the appliance indoors at room temperature and up to 2000 m above sea level. Please read carefully, follow When passing on the appliance, enclose these instructions. [. . . ] The following settings are available: Explanation Setting the language to be used for display texts. Home Connect* Switch off after Brightness display Setting in line with the hardness of the local water supply. The water hardness can, for example, be requested from your local water supplier. It is important to set the water hardness correctly, so that the appliance indicates accurately when the descaling programme should be run. If a water softening system is installed in the house, please select the "Softening device" setting. Setting that determines how long the appliance should wait after the last beverage preparation before it automatically switches itself off. Level 1 up to level 10 Standard setting 7 Setting that governs the brightness of the display In the "barista mode" setting, the following can be performed directly in the display: The temperature can be set by pressing the left navigation button. The aromaIntense (brew speed) can be set in three levels by pressing the right navigation button. Shows the volume of drinks dispensed since the appliance was commissioned. For technical reasons, the counter does not represent a precise number of cups. Appliance reset to factory set- Resets all your own settings to the condition The setting "off" must be activated for normal operation. The setting is only possible in the first 3 minutes after switching on the appliance. First milk first coffee first milk first coffee min 5s 10s normal high max. Setting that determines whether milk or coffee should be brewed and dispensed first. Setting that determines whether milk or coffee should be brewed and dispensed first. applies only to "default mode" -in "barista mode" directly adjustable via drink selection. ~ "Adjusting beverage settings" on page 59 Setting that determines whether user profiles are to be exited automatically or deletion of all user profiles. The bean container can be selected directly before each dispensing operation using the "Bean container" selection buttons. Each time a beverage is dispensed, the appliance automatically returns to the right-hand bean container. Default bean container left Each time a beverage is dispensed, the appliance automatically returns to the left-hand bean container. Save container with bever- The appliance remembers the most recently Used bean container and the most recently set Settings marked with * can also be selected directly in the menu. The rotary selector can be used to select the "Water filter" or "frost protection" programme. [. . . ] Coffee dispensing slows to a trickle or stops completely Heavy build-up of limescale in the appliance. Immerse the water filter in water until no more air bubbles escape; insert the filter again. An empty bean container is not Add coffee beans Coffee beans on the next dispensing The coffee shaft on the brewing Clean the brewing unit. The grinding level is set too Set a finer grinding level or use finer coarse or the ground coffee is ground coffee. [. . . ]

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