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[. . . ] Exposure to such things as salt in the air, road-gritting salt or acid rain will encourage the onset of corrosion, as will inappropriate storage of the product. In serious cases of soiling please clean the surface coating immediately. € Check for loose parts and fastenings from time to time and tighten if necessary. Safety instructions Read these instructions carefully before use and keep them for future reference. [. . . ] € Check that the pram body or seat unit or car seat attachment devices are correctly engaged before use. EN - 05 Customer complaints • No claims may be made for natural wear and tear or for damage caused by undue demands on the product or by exceeding the permissible load. € No claims may be made for damage caused by incorrect assembly or operation. € No claims may be made for damage caused by improper modifications to the product. € Areas of rust may appear through lack of maintenance or improper care and do not constitute a fault with the product. € Scratch marks are normal signs of wear and do not constitute a fault with the product. € Mildew is likely to appear on textiles which are not dried out after getting wet and cannot be attributed to shortcomings in production conditions. € The product may fade if exposed to sunlight, perspiration and detergents, or if subject to abrasion or excessive washing, therefore fading cannot be attributed to a fault with the product. € No claims may be made for wheels which become worn out as a natural result of wear and tear. Opening the pushchair Pull the front fork forward until it clicks into place. Fitting the wheels Undo the catch by pulling the metal bracket outwards. To take the wheels off, undo the catch by pulling the metal bracket outwards. To remove the wheel block, turn the knob on the wheel block fitting clockwise and remove the wheel block from the fitting. Front wheel block lock and swivel settings Push the lever to the left to lock the wheels. Attaching the seat Attach the seat by placing it on the frame until it clicks into place. To remove the seat, pull the levers on both seat unit adapters and lift up the seat. Attaching the hood Fit the hood on the seat frame with the two plastic brackets. Fitting and removing the guard rail Fit the guard rail by inserting it in the plastic mounts on both sides. To remove the guard rail from the pushchair, press in the buttons on both sides and pull the guard rail off away from the pushchair. Adjusting the leg rest To adjust the leg rest, press in the buttons on both sides and then adjust the height. [. . . ] Mounting the carrycot on the pushchair The adapter is fitted to the long side of the carrycot. Place the carrycot onto the pushchair so that the catch mechanism engages. To remove the carrycot, press the buttons on the adapter on both sides of the cot and lift the cot up to release it from the catches. CAUTION: Always check before use that the carrycot is correctly secured to the pushchair. [. . . ]


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