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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] and # on thent. o Arrowbuttons 'lhe buttons < I > uscdt6 {isplav choiccsand change scttings. Thesebr. rttons alsochangcthe voluntesetting o1'the speaker'. . STOP button l'rcss jl{ to clncel anv operation or to canccl the selectionof a ntenu item. . START/COPY button 'l'' Prert 1 to stlrl an opcrJtlon or r!':listcril \ctting. r Transaction number . [. . . ] Scc Loadingthe document. R DOCUMENT EADY 2 3 party's number. fax Dialtheother o L J s e n e o f ' t h e d i a l i n g n r e t h o d sd e s c r i b e de a l i e r i n t h i s c h a p t e r( s c c p g . 5 - 5 1 . @-@ START/COPY TEL= 34567890 Press [START/C0PY]. the Thc FAXPHONE beginssending document. (( () , A V )) 56 Sending documents | 'the F, \XPHONE beeps onceto indicatcthat the document hasbeensentsuccessfirlIr'. T R A N S M I T T I NO K G It an ct'roti)ccur\dLrring scnding. FAXPHONE beepsirrterrnittcntly a t'clv the tirr \cc()n(l\. II this Irrppcns. trv the 'l'hc t', \XPHONE autonraticullv redials the recciving docsnot answer il thc if fix or l i n c i s b u s r . ( \ i r u c a ns p e c iv t h en u r r b c ' r o l t i m c is r c d i a l ss c c A U T OR E D I A L i n f t : TX SLTTINGS. pg. l3l3) To stopscnrlins bclbrethe f'axis finished. und pg. Automatic dialing I Sending a document using One-touch Speed Dialing or Goded Speed Dialing It!-r fcrlstcfil)s the Onc-touch numbers or Codecl Speed Dialing numbers you ciln \ c n d d ( ) L u l l l c n t si r l i r l l o $ s . l o g o = o 1 2 Feed document the face-down theAutomatic into (ADF), Document Feeder S c c [ - r r a d i n ct l . d R DOCUMENT EADY u B x Press 0ne-touch the Speed dialing button assigned thenumber whichyouwishto fax. to to or Press DIAUDIRECTORY] andenter the [C0DED appropriate two-digit Coded Dialing Speed code. \\art a sccondlor the nunrbcrto appear attcr thc narttc l thc nurnbcr. e s s etd . c L C D d i s p l a y h o w s h e N O T E L # h s t nlc\sugc. Make surcthe 1ou pressed correctbutton o r e n t c r c d h ec u r r e c c o d ca n d t h a tt h c n u m b e r o u t t l \\'alrtt() diirl is recistcrcd correctly. Then you r. nay ncecl open to To stopsending belirrethe fax is f inished. scc the oper-ation Redialing I Manual just prcssIREDIAI-1. (When you press[REDIAI-], the previTo startdialingagain. ous number dialed with the numeric buttons is redialed. ) I Automatic at The FAXPHONE autornatically redialstwrce alter the first attL'l'npt sendingtails ( c g . t h c l i n c r " a sb u s y ) . T l r r ' I r r t r e l i r e e nc t l i u l is l \ \ ( )n l i n u l e \ . hc r thc You can changcthc'nurlbcr of rcdialsand the tinrc bctweenredialshv changing TX Slll'1'INGStseepg. tlllt. thc 11 FAXPHONEf'ails gct throughalier thc scconcl thc to proccss. Thc I-CD drsplavs REDIALING while thc t'AXPHONE is in thc rcdialin-s REDIALING I To cancel automatic redialing the Ytrucan cancelnrtonntic redialing auvtimeby pressinu ISTOPIbutton. (inclucling and Sesending Delal-ed Sending Howcvcr. uhcn uremorvis r-rscd cluring while t{EDIALINCi is displa;rcd qLrentill Broadcastin-e). a i t u n t i ld i a l i n gb c g i n s n dp r c s s S T O P I v o r -c a nc a n c e r e d i l l i n g . a l I . 60 Sending documents Messages displayed during sending as are the When lour FAXPHONE sends documcnt. FAXPHON[: is dialinethe recipient's DIALING '['hc phoncis ringing rccr'ipicnt's bcgins. [. . . ] 89 121 Index FJrasing Group Dialingnumbers. '14 narncs whcn registering. 3rl F, rror Activit-v Reports and. 92 lnessages codes. I09 and lixtension phone connecting3 l. 3 I B u b h l c - J e tr r tr i d - e c|. 0 c p e r t e n s i o n h o n c . l - j paper. 99 E] Facsimile numbers dialing. -5-5 prrntinglist of registelcd. 91. 92. 93 your. 37 legistering Fax/tel switching 5 e r p l a n a t i o nl . [. . . ]


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