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[. . . ] The Mains plug shall remain readily operable to disconnect the plug in case of an accident. While using the compact power adapter, do not wrap it or cover it with a piece of cloth, and do not place it in confined narrow spaces. Heat may build up, the plastic case may deform and it could result in electric shock or fire. Using any device other than the Compact Power Adapter CA-570 may damage the camcorder. 2 European Union (and EEA) only. [. . . ] · To select all the photos at once: Touch [Select All] instead of touching individual photos. (Remove in advance any checkmarks from photos you may have selected individually. ) 4 Protect the photos. [Edit] 8 [Protect] 8 [Protect]* 8 [OK] * Touch [Remove Protection] to remove the protection from the selected photos. Photos 109 IMPORTANT · Initializing the memory will permanently erase all recordings, including protected photos. r Functions You Can Use when Taking Photos You can also use the following functions. . . The following functions and features of the camcorder can be used either for shooting video or for taking photos. The way to set and use them was already explained in detail, so we refer you to the relevant page in the "Video" section. · Zoom (0 42) · Quick Start (0 43) · Recording programs (0 56, 66) · Face detection (0 62) · Touch & Track (0 64) · Digital effects (0 65) · Manual exposure adjustment (0 69) · Manual focus adjustment (0 70) · White balance (0 72) · Image effects (0 73) · Mini video light (0 74) · Self timer (0 76) 110 Photos Printing Photos Printing Photos (Direct Print) The camcorder can be connected to any PictBridge-compatible printer. You can mark in advance the photos you want to print and set the desired number of copies as a print order (0 113). Canon printers: SELPHY printers of the CP, DS and ES series and inkjet printers carrying the PictBridge logo. Operating modes: Connecting the Camcorder to the Printer 1 In single photo view, select a photo you want to print. · If the device selection screen appears, touch [Computer/Printer]. IMPORTANT · If V continues to flash (for more than 1 minute) or if D does not appear, the camcorder is not correctly connected to the printer. In such case, disconnect the USB cable and turn off the camcorder and the printer. Removes all the print orders from the selected photos. [Remove Print Orders] NOTES · b To set print orders for photos recorded in the built-in memory, copy the photos to the memory card in advance. 114 Photos External Connections This chapter explains how to connect your camcorder to an external device such as a TV, VCR, or computer. Terminals on the Camcorder 1COMPONENT OUT Terminal* Access: Open the rear terminal cover. When you use connection B do not forget the audio connections using the AV OUT/X terminal. The HDMI OUT terminal offers a high-quality digital connection that combines audio and video in a single convenient cable. 4AV OUT/X Terminal Access: Open the LCD panel. Sound from the built-in speaker will be muted while the STV-250N Stereo Video Cable is connected to the camcorder. Adjust the volume on the connected TV. * When connecting a cable to the camcorder, make sure to align the triangle marks on the cable's connector and on the camcorder's terminal. External Connections 115 Connection Diagrams In the following connection diagrams, the left side shows the terminals on the camcorder and the right side shows (for reference only) an example of terminals on a connected device. Connection A Type: Digital Quality: High definition Output only Connect to a high-definition TV (HDTV) with an HDMI input terminal. HDMI (HDMI mini connector) HTC-100 HDMI Cable (optional) (standard HDMI connector) About the HDMITM connection The HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) connection (A) is a convenient all-digital connection using a single cable for both video and audio. When you connect the camcorder to an HDTV equipped with an HDMI terminal, you can enjoy video and audio playback at the highest quality. - The HDMI OUT terminal on the camcorder is for output only. Do not connect it to an HDMI output terminal on an external device, as this may damage the camcorder. - While the camcorder is connected to an HDTV using connection A, there will be no video output from other terminals. - Correct operation cannot be guaranteed when connecting the camcorder to DVI monitors. - Depending on the HDTV, correct playback of personal video content may not be possible using connection A. Try one of the other connections. 116 External Connections Connection B Component Video Type: Analog Quality: High Definition Output only Connect to a high-definition TV (HDTV) with component video input terminals. [. . . ] · The minimum focusing distance at full telephoto with the TL-H37 is 2. 3 m. · When the Tele-converter is attached, a shadow may appear in the picture when you use the flash. 9 WD-H37ll Wide-converter This Wide-converter lens decreases focal length by a factor of 0. 7, giving you a wide perspective for indoor shots or panoramic views. · When the Wide-converter is attached, a shadow may appear in the picture when you use the flash. Additional Information 189 q A FS-H37U Filter Set Neutral density and MC protector filters help you to control difficult lighting conditions. a A SC-2000 Soft Carrying Case A handy camcorder bag with padded compartments and plenty of space for accessories. s A SM-V1 Surround Microphone Use 5. 1ch surround sound to add a sense of presence to your movies. [. . . ]


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