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[. . . ] If such symptoms appear, clean the video heads with the Canon DVM-CL Digital Video Head Cleaning Cassette* or a commercially available dry cleaning cassette. If the symptoms reappear shortly after the cleaning, the videocassette may be defective. 2 Video heads may become dirty under the following conditions: · When using the camcorder in humid or hot places. · When using the video heads for a long time without cleaning them. NOTES · Before you make important recordings, clean the video heads and make a test recording first. [. . . ] · The camcorder starts recording video after a 10-second countdown. In that case, the countdown will be only 2 seconds. 3 Press NOTES Once the countdown has begun, you can press Start/Stop again or turn off the camcorder to cancel the self timer. 38 Audio Recording Mode You can change the quality of the audio recording. ( 19) Default value ABOUT THE WIND SCREEN The camcorder automatically reduces the background sound of wind (only while using the built-in microphone). You can turn the wind screen off when you want the microphone to be as sensitive as possible ( 56). Options [ 16bit] Using an External Microphone Records audio at the highest quality. [ 12bit] Records audio on 2 channels (Stereo 1) leaving 2 free channels (Stereo 2) you can use for audio dubbing. With this camcorder you can dub audio only using the microphone ( 49). FUNC. ( 20) FUNC. [ MENU] [ AUDIO SETUP] [AUDIO MODE] Desired option FUNC. Connect the external microphone to the MIC terminal. Use commercially available condenser microphones with their own power supply and a cable no longer than 3 m. You can connect almost any stereo microphone with a 3. 5 mm plug but audio recording levels may vary. 39 Video Audio Playback Modes Selecting the Audio Channel You can select the audio channel to play back when playing back a tape with audio recorded on two channels (either stereo sound or bilingual audio signals). ( 19) Default value Selecting the Audio Track on a Tape with Dubbed Audio You can select the audio track to play back when playing back a tape that has a dubbed audio track (Stereo 2) in addition to the original recorded audio (Stereo 1). ( 19) Default value Options [ STEREO1] Options [ L/R] Original sound only. [ STEREO2] Left and right channels (stereo) / Main and sub signals (bilingual). [ MIX/FIXED] Left channel only (stereo) / Main signal only (bilingual). NOTES · When you select the custom white balance: - Set the custom white balance in a sufficiently illuminated place. · Custom white balance may provide better results in the following cases: - Changing lighting conditions - Close-ups - Subjects in a single color (sky, sea or forest) - Under mercury lamps and certain types of fluorescent lights Options [ IMAGE EFFECT OFF] Records with no image enhancing effects. [ SOFT SKIN DETAIL] Softens the details in the skin tone area for a more complimentary appearance. To obtain the best effect, use this setting when recording a close-up of a person. Note that areas similar to the skin color may lack in detail. FUNC. ( 20) FUNC. [ IMAGE EFFECT OFF] Desired option FUNC. 43 Video Digital Effects Setting FUNC. ( 20) FUNC. ( POINTS TO CHECK Mode switch: 19) [ D. EFFECT OFF] Desired option* FUNC. ** Default value Options [ D. EFFECT OFF] * While making the selection, you can preview the effect on the screen. ** The icon of the selected effect appears. Select this setting when you do not intend to use the digital effects. [ FADE-T] (fade trigger), [ WIPE] Applying Select one of the faders to begin or end a scene with a fade from or to a black screen. [ SEPIA] Records images in sepia tones for an "old" look. [ ART], [ MOSAIC] Select one of these digital effects to add "flavor" to your recordings. Press D. EFFECTS to activate the fader/effect. · Press D. EFFECTS again to deactivate the fader/effect. TO FADE IN Press D. EFFECTS . . . [. . . ] Continued use may damage the camcorder. WHEN CONDENSATION IS DETECTED · The camcorder automatically shuts off, the warning message "CONDENSATION HAS BEEN DETECTED" appears for approx. · If a cassette is loaded, the warning message "REMOVE THE CASSETTE" appears and starts flashing. Remove the cassette immediately and leave the cassette compartment open. · A cassette cannot be loaded when condensation is detected. Condensation may form in the following cases: · When the camcorder is moved from an air-conditioned room to a warm, humid place · When the camcorder is moved from a cold place to a warm room · When the camcorder is left in a humid room · When a cold room is heated rapidly RESUMING USE The precise time required for water droplets to evaporate will vary depending on the location and weather conditions. [. . . ]


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