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[. . . ] Operating Mode CAMERA PLAY (VCR) CARD CAMERA CARD PLAY CAMERA CAMERA POWER Switch CAMERA PLAY (VCR) CAMERA PLAY (VCR) TAPE/CARD Switch (TAPE) (TAPE) (CARD) (CARD) : Function can be used in this mode. : Function cannot be used in this mode. 3 Trademark Acknowledgements · is a trademark. · Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/ or other countries. · Macintosh and Mac OS are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. , registered in the United States and other countries. [. . . ] We recommend not using the flash when the optional Wide-converter or Teleconverter is attached. The flash mode cannot be selected when exposure is locked, or after the first still image in Stitch Assist mode. When the optional VL-3 Video Light or the VFL-1 is attached, the built-in flash does not fire when the POWER switch of the VL-3 or the VFL-1 is set to a position other than OFF. About the AF-Assist Lamp: While the PHOTO button is pressed halfway, the assist lamp may light up as AF-assist lamp responding to the brightness of the subject to enable the camcorder to focus more accurately. - The camcorder may not be able to focus even though the AF-assist lamp is lighting. Consider turning off the AF-assist lamp in public places such as in restaurants or theaters. 92 Selecting the Metering Method (EVALUATIVE) (CENT. WEIGHT. AVERAGE) (SPOT) Appropriate for standard shooting conditions, including backlit scenes. It evaluates complex lighting conditions, such as the position and brightness of the subject, background, direct light or backlight, and adjusts the exposure of the main subject accordingly. Averages the light metered from the entire screen, giving more weight to the subject in the center. Use this setting for adjusting the exposure matching the subject in the center of the screen. CARD CAMERA CARD PLAY E CAMERA PLAY (VCR) ( 56) EVALUATIVE 1. Select the metering method symbol followed by a setting option. The symbol of the current setting is displayed. Advanced Functions Digital Camera Functions 4. button. If you have selected [ SPOT], " " appears. 93 Changing the focusing method You can change the AF (autofocus) frame selection method. Once the sequence has started, you cannot change the recording program, exposure, zoom or focus. 6. Press the PHOTO button to record the first image. Direction and number of recorded images appear. 97 7. Record the second image so that it overlaps a portion of the first image. · Minor discrepancies in the overlapped area can be corrected with the software. · You can retake an image by pressing the CARD +/­ button to return to the previous image. button after the last image. For details on how to merge these images, refer to the Digital Video Software Instruction Manual. Compose each image so that it overlaps 30 to 50% of the adjoining image. Do not try to stitch images that include both distant and close subjects. It will end the operation. 98 Reviewing a Still Image Right after Recording You can select to display a still image for 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 seconds after it has been recorded. CAMERA PLAY (VCR) CARD CAMERA CARD PLAY E MENU ( 70) CAMERA SETUP REVIEW·······2sec Press the MENU button and select [CAMERA SETUP]. Select [REVIEW], select a setting option and press the MENU button. A still image is displayed as long as you hold the PHOTO button after recording. You can erase ( 103) or protect ( 102) the image when you press the FUNC. [REVIEW] cannot be selected when (continuous shooting), (high-speed continuous shooting) or (auto exposure bracketing) is selected. Advanced Functions Digital Camera Functions 99 Playing Back/Searching Images You can display images one after another (slide show) or 6 at one time (index screen). [. . . ] After storage, check the functions of your camcorder to make sure that the camcorder is still working properly. Cleaning Camcorder Body and Lens Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the camcorder body and lens. Never use chemically treated cloth or volatile solvents such as paint thinner. LCD Screen Clean the LCD screen using a commercially available cleaning cloth for glasses. Condensation may form on the surface of the screen when the temperature changes suddenly. Wipe it with a soft dry cloth. Viewfinder Clean the viewfinder screen using blower brush or a commercially available cleaning cloth for glasses. Using the Camcorder Abroad Power Sources You can use the compact power adapter to operate the camcorder and to charge battery packs in any country with power supply between 100 and 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz. [. . . ]


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