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[. . . ] Canon's HDTV lenses are, so to speak, a compilation of our basic philosophies. [. . . ] Adopting the advantages created by Canon’s unique technology, the new HDgc lenses exhibit high MTF, high resolution and high contrast from the center of the image to its extreme edges, meanwhile maintaining its compact size and weight. Another important policy of Canon’s is not to pollute the earth and the HDgc series succeeded in excluding harmful substances such as cadmium, PBBS, PBDPE or mercury from the mechanical parts, and at the same time incorporating lead free glass and reducing the amount of hazardous substances used in electrical parts. Meet Canon’s new HDgc series lenses, a compilation of Canon’s advanced technologies. Optical Performance of HDgc Series Aberration Correction for HDgc Lenses In the HDTV system the pixel size is about half. Therefore, the spread of a point image caused by a spherical aberration, coma etc. It is easy to repeat the same zoom as often as you like at the highest speed or in a preset zoom speed. Speed Preset : A specific zoom speed can be preset in memory and it is possible to repeat the zoom speed as often as you like by pushing a simple button. 0. 02 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 MTF(%) NTSC 400TVL(30lp/mm) HDTV 600TVL(55lp/mm) F1. 6 Momentary Iris Switch Retum Switch Display Switch Digital Function Selector Rotary Encoder The KH16ex5. 7 is equipped with an enhanced digital drive unit. Conventional potentiometers are analog positional sensors capable of only 810 bit equivalent resolution. Thus virtual ENG studio systems called for an optional Encoder Unit to be put on the zoom and focus ring of the lens. With the introduction of 16 bit resolution Rotary Encoder Devices built into the new enhanced digital drive unit, the lens can simply be integrated into a virtual digital studio system without any additions. [. . . ] Mass • Reduced Chromatic Aberrations • High and Flat MTF • Countermeasures Against Ghosting and Flares 16:9 1/2 inch 1. 0X 16X 5. 7 – 92mm 1:1. 4 at 5. 7 – 71. 6mm 1:1. 8 at 92mm 62. 9° x 38. 0° 4. 3° x 2. 4° 2. 0X 11. 4 –184mm 1:2. 8 at 11. 4 – 143. 1mm 1:3. 6 at 184mm 34. 0° x 19. 5° 2. 1° x 1. 2° 0. 6m (10mm with Macro) 67. 2 x 37. 8cm 4. 1 x 2. 3cm at 5. 7mm at 92mm 34. 6 x 19. 5cm at 11. 4mm 2. 1 x 1. 2cm at 184mm W x H x L = 163. 9 x 106. 3 x 196. 7 mm 1. 47kg VTR SWITCH INFOMATION DISPLAY On/Off SWITCH INFOMATION DISPLAY DIGITAL FUNCTION SELECTOR INDEX MARK AUX1 SWITCH CANON BCTV ZOOM LENS DIMENSIONS F. [. . . ]


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