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[. . . ] Precisely the right amount of light for the conditions is emitted by the flashgun – and all in the blink of an eye. Bounce flash Bouncing flash off a surface such as a wall or ceiling softens harsh shadows, resulting in a more flattering light than can be obtained with direct flash. The apparent size of the light source is made larger – and the larger the light source, the softer the quality of the light. Furthermore, red eye, caused by the direct reflection of light from the retinas at the back of a subject’s eyes, is virtually eliminated. [. . . ] E-TTL II flash metering calculates correct exposure even when flashes are used off camera, leaving you free to concentrate on shooting great pictures. Adding more flashes Working with multiple off-camera flash units is as simple as working with one, but offers many more opportunities for creative lighting solutions. Position the units where they need to be and control them all with a single Speedlite Transmitter. E-TTL II metering looks after exposure and makes combining flash and ambient light quick and simple. The power output of the remotely positioned Speedlites doesn’t have to be identical. Flash units can be adjusted individually, either from the camera or by making specific changes to each Speedlite unit. Up to 15 Speedlites can be fired from a single controller, and units may be up to camera when using the RT based system. Speedlites can also be grouped together, with up to five groups supported from a single Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT. The power ratio between groups is adjustable on the Speedlite controller. Remote control Shooting The wireless link between EOS and Speedlite can also be used the other way around: Remote Control Shooting allows photographers to wirelessly fire their cameras from up to 10m away using the Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2. The Speedlite 600EX-RT and radio-frequency Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT allow Remote Camera Control over distances of up to 30m. ST-E3-RT LCD panel 7 Ultimate creative flash set-up Whether you are shooting with single Speedlite on the camera’s hotshoe, or mixing daylight with the output of multiple Speedlites positioned off camera, Canon E-TTL II metering makes flash photography easy. 8 Examples of off-camera flash Position the flashes wherever you want, set their power individually and meter for any ambient light as you would normally, using your EOS’s Av, Tv or manual exposure mode. Fit a radio or optical Speedlite Controller to your camera and shoot. The camera will instruct the Speedlites to fire a test flash, which it will use to meter the scene. The correct amount of light is emitted from each flash gun to match the ambient-light exposure set on the camera. Canon EOS 5D Mark III Tv (Shutter Speed): 1/160 sec Av (Aperture Value): f/6. 3 ISO Speed: 400 Lens: EF 16-35mm f/2. 8L II USM Focal length: 16. 0 mm Flash: Speedlite 600EX-RT 9 Macro flash When using a Canon EF macro lens to shoot objects close up, it is quite common to find that ambient light is not sufficient. Small apertures are required to achieve sufficient depth of field when working at such close focus settings. This makes long shutter speeds necessary, which can introduce blur from camera or subject movement. Macro ring lite MR–14EX Improve your macro photography with this dedicated macro ring lite. E–TTL flash control and a Guide Number of 14 provide ample light and accurate exposures in all macro photography situations. • E–TTL II Auto Flash metering • Guide Number of 14 • Can act as a wireless master flash •  wo flash tubes that can be fired as one T or independently with full ratio control • Two focusing lights • Modelling flash capability • Mounts to the front of macro lenses A Macro Lite adapter may be required to attach to a lens and the flash unit. Macro Lite adapters are available in the following filter sizes 52, 58, 67 and 72. Macro twin lite MT–24EX Take control of your macro photography lighting with the MT–24EX Macro Twin Lite. [. . . ] 7 sec Yes - CP-E4 Plastic 7 (14 options) Macro lite adapter 72c Compact battery pack CP-E4 EX series Speedlite with Slave function Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Infra-red Indoors: 8m Outdoors: 5m 3 [1] 4 15, 30° 15, 30, 45, 60° 22. 5, 45° 22. 5, 45° - (Focusing lamp) 4 x AA batteries Approx. 7 sec Yes - CP-E4 Plastic 9 (18 options) Macro lite adapter 72c Compact battery pack CP-E4 EX series Speedlite with Slave function Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Radio Indoors: 30m Outdoors: 30m 5 15 Yes 2 x AA batteries Yes Metal 8 (3 personal functions) Speedlite 600EX-RT Yes Yes Infra-red Indoors: 12-15m Outdoors: 8-10m 3 4 Yes 1 - 45 Infra-red 1 x 2CR5 Approx. 1 sec Plastic EX series Speedlite with Slave function Yes 3 4 45, 60, 75 and 90° 60, 75, 90, 120, 150 and 180° 60, 75, 90° Yes 1-9 Infra-red 4 x AA batteries Approx. [. . . ]


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