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[. . . ] If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its Authorised Service Centre or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard. Put knives and cutlery with sharp points in the cutlery basket with the points down or in a horizontal position. Do not keep the appliance door open without supervision to prevent to fall on it. The ventilation openings in the base (if applicable) must not be obstructed by a carpet. [. . . ] Make sure that the programme marker on the knob is aligned with the indicator on/off . At the same time turn the knob counterclockwise until the programme marker is aligned with the first programme. €¢ The intermittent flashing of refers to the current set level, e. Make sure that the current level of the water softener agrees with the hardness of the water supply. Start a programme to remove any processing residuals that can still be inside the appliance. When you start a programme, the appliance can take up to 5 minutes to recharge the resin in the water softener. The salt is used to recharge the resin in the water softener and to assure good washing results in the daily use. Turn the cap of the salt container clockwise to close the salt container. Pour the rinse aid in the dispenser (A) until the liquid reaches the fill level 'max'. Remove the spilled rinse aid with an absorbent cloth to prevent too much foam. You can turn the selector of the released quantity (B) between position 1 (lowest quantity) and position 4 or 6 (highest quantity). Set the correct programme for the type of load and the degree of soil. €¢ If the salt indicators is on, fill the salt container. €¢ If the rinse aid indicator is on, fill the rinse aid dispenser. If the programme has a prewash phase, put a small quantity of detergent in the compartment (D). Opening the door while the appliance operates If you open the door while a programme is running, the appliance stops. When you close the door, the appliance continues from the point of interruption. 2 Using the multi-tablets When you use tablets, that contain salt and rinse aid, do not fill the salt container and the rinse aid dispenser. Press and hold Start and Delay until the start indicator starts to flash. Cancelling the programme Press and hold Start and Delay until the start indicator starts to flash. Make sure that there is detergent in the detergent dispenser before you start a new programme. €¢ The programme starts and the indicator of the washing phase is on. [. . . ] 1 The washing and drying results are not satisfactory Problem There are whitish streaks or bluish layers on glasses and dishes. Possible solution • The release quantity of rinse aid is too much. ENGLISH 17 Problem There are stains and dry water drops on glasses and dishes. possible solution • The released quantity of rinse aid is not sufficient. [. . . ]


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