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[. . . ] DSR 57M19 EN English Operating instructions DISHWASHER - Contents Operating instructions, 1 Precautions and advice, 2-3 Assistance, 10 Product Data, 11 Installation, 14-15 Description of the appliance, 16 Refined salt and rinse aid, 17 Loading the racks, 18-19 Detergent and dishwasher use, 20 Wash cycles, 21 Special wash cycles and options, 22 Care and maintenance, 23 Troubleshooting, 24 Sonderprogramme und Optionen, 45 Reinigung und Pflege, 46 Störungen und Abhilfe, 47 PL Polski Instrukcja obsługi FR Français Mode d’emploi LAVE-VAISSELLE - Sommaire Mode d’emploi, 1 Précautions et conseils, 3-4 Assistance, 10 Fiche produit, 11 Installation, 25-26 Description de l’appareil, 27 Sel régénérant et Produit de rinçage, 28 Charger les paniers, 29-30 Produit de lavage et utilisation du lave-vaisselle, 31 Programmes, 32 Programmes spéciaux et Options, 33 Entretien et soin, 34 Anomalies et remèdes, 35 ZMYWARKA - Spis treści Instrukcja obsługi, 1 Zalecenia i środki ostrożności, 5-6 Serwis Techniczny, 10 Karta produktu, 12 Instalacja, 49-50 Opis urządzenia, 51 Sól regeneracyjna i środek nabłyszczający, 52 Ładowanie koszy, 53-54 Środek myjący i obsługa zmywarki, 55 Programy, 56 Programy specjalne i opcje, 57 Konserwacja i obsługa, 58 Nieprawidłowe działanie i możliwe środki zaradcze, 59 CS Česky Návod k použití DE Deutsch MYČKA NÁDOBÍ -Obsah Návod k použití, 1 Opatření a rady, 7-8 Servisní služba, 10 Informační list výrobku, 13 Instalace, 61-62 Popis zařízení, 63 Regenerační sůl a Leštidlo, 64 Plnění košů, 65-66 Mycí prostředek a použití myčky, 67 Programy, 68 Speciální programy a Volitelné funkce, 69 Údržba a péče, 70 Poruchy a způsob jejich odstranění, 71 Gebrauchsanleitung GESCHIRRSPÜLER – Inhaltsverzeichnis Gebrauchsanleitung, 1 Vorsichtsmaßnahmen und Hinweise, 4-5 Kundendienst, 10 Produktdatenblatt, 12 Installation, 37-38 Beschreibung Ihres Geschirrspülers, 39 Regeneriersalz und Klarspüler, 40 Beladen der Körbe, 41-42 Spülmittel und Verwendung des Geschirrspülers, 43 Programme, 44 SK Slovensky UMÝVAČKA RIADU - Obsah Návod  na použitie, 1 Opatrenia a rady, 8-9 Servisná služba, 10 Opis výrobku, 13 Inštalácia, 72-73 Popis zariadenia, 74 Regeneračná soľ a Leštidlo, 75 Naplňte koše, 76-77 Umývací prostriedok a použitie umývačky, 78 Programy, 79 Špeciálne programy a Voliteľné funkcie, 80 Údržba a starostlivosť, 81 Poruchy a spôsob ich odstránenia, 82 1 Návod  na použitie EN Precautions and advice This appliance was designed and manufactured in compliance with international safety standards. The following information has been provided for safety reasons and should be read carefully. If the appliance is sold, given away or moved, make sure the manual is kept with the machine. Read the instructions carefully, as they include important information on safe installation, use and maintenance. [. . . ] They can be used in a vertical position when arranging dishes or in a horizontal position (lower) to load pans and salad bowls easily. Some models are equipped with Vertical Zone, special pull-out supports*in the rear of the rack that can be used to support frying pans and baking pans in a more vertical position, thus taking up less space. In order to use it, just get hold of the coloured grip and pull it upwards while rotating it forward. The supports can slide right and left to fit the size of the crockery. Wine glasses can be placed safely in the tip-up compartments by inserting the stem of each glass into the corresponding slot. To change the inclination, pull up the tip-up compartment, slide it slightly and position it as you wish. *Only available in selected models with different numbers and positions. 18 Tray* Adjusting the height of the upper rack The height of the upper rack can be adjusted: high position to place bulky crockery in the lower rack and low position to make the most of the tip-up compartments by creating more space upwards. The height of the upper rack should be adjusted WHEN THE RACK IS EMPTY. Some dishwasher models are fitted with a sliding tray which can be used to hold small crockery and cutlery. For optimum washing performance, avoid positioning bulky crockery directly below the tray. ) EN If the rack is equipped with a Lift-Up device* (see figure), lift it up by holding its sides. To restore the lower position, press the levers (A) at the sides of the rack and follow the rack down. € Parts in synthetic material which do not withstand high temperatures. The colours of glass decorations and aluminium/silver pieces can change and fade during the washing process. Tips: • Only use glasses and porcelain guaranteed by the manufacturer as dishwasher safe. € Collect glasses and cutlery from the dishwasher as soon as the wash cycle is over. *Only available in selected models with different numbers and positions. 19 Detergent and dishwasher use EN Measuring out the detergent Good washing results also depend on the correct amount of detergent being used. Exceeding the stated amount does not result in a more effective wash and increases environmental pollution. In the case of normally soiled items, use approximately either 25g (powder detergent) or 25ml (liquid detergent). If the crockery is only lightly soiled or if it has been rinsed with water before being placed in the dishwasher, reduce the amount of detergent used accordingly. [. . . ] After cleaning the filters, re-place the filter assembly and fix it in position correctly; this is essential for maintaining the efficient operation of the dishwasher. Leaving the machine unused for extended periods If the water hoses are new or have not been used for an extended period of time, let the water run to make sure it is clear and free of impurities before performing the necessary connections. If this precaution is not taken, the water inlet could become blocked and damage the dishwasher. - Unscrew the end of the water inlet hose, remove the filter and clean it carefully under running water. [. . . ]


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