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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] This appliance was designed for domestic use or similar applications, for example: - farmhouses; - use by guests in hotels, motels and other residential settings; - bed & breakfasts. Remove the appliance from all packaging and make sure it was not damaged during transportation. If it was damaged, contact the retailer and do not proceed any further with the installation process. General safety • This appliance should not be operated by children younger than 8 years, people with reduced physical, sensory or mental capacities, or inexperienced people who are not familiar with the product, unless they are given close supervision or instructions on how to use it safely and are made aware by a responsible person of the dangers its use might entail. [. . . ] Whenever you need to add salt, we recommend carrying out the procedure before the washing cycle is started. € Switch it off using the On/Off button • Press and hold the START/PAUSE button • Switch it on using the On/Off button • The salt indicator light flashes (as many times as the current selection. ) • Set the knob to the desired hardness level number (see Table on water hardness. ) • Switch it off using the On/Off button • Setting is complete!9 Loading the racks EN Tips Before loading the racks, remove all food residues from the crockery and empty liquids from glasses and containers. Arrange the crockery so that it is held in place firmly and does not tip over; and arrange the containers with the openings facing downwards and the concave/convex parts placed obliquely, thus allowing the water to reach every surface and flow freely. Make sure that the lids, handles, trays and frying pans do not prevent the spray arms from rotating. Since plastic dishes and non-stick frying pans usually retain more water drops, their drying will be not so good as that of ceramic or stainless-steel dishes. Lightweight items such as plastic containers should be placed in the upper rack and arranged so that they cannot move. After loading the appliance, make sure that the spray arms can rotate freely. They can be used in a vertical position when arranging dishes or in a horizontal position (lower) to load pans and salad bowls easily. Based on how soiled the items are, the amount can be adjusted to individual cases using powder or liquid detergent. In the case of normally soiled items, use approximately either 35 gr (powder detergent) or 35 ml (liquid detergent). If the crockery is only lightly soiled or if it has been rinsed with water before being placed in the dishwasher, reduce the amount of detergent used accordingly. For good washing results also follow the instructions shown on the detergent box. To open the detergent dispenser use the opening device “A”. SELECT knob clockwise: align the notch in the knob with the number/symbol representing the desired wash cycle. Start the cycle by pressing the Start/Pause button: a beep will sound* and the indicator light corresponding to the wash phase will go on to signal that the cycle has begun. At the end a few beeps * will signal the end of the wash cycle and the END indicator light will go on. Switch off the appliance by pressing the ON/OFF button, shut off the water tap and unplug the appliance from the electricity socket. Wait a few minutes before removing the crockery to avoid getting burnt. - The machine will switch off automatically during certain periods of inactivity in order to minimise electricity consumption. [. . . ] Preventing unpleasant odours Food residue may become encrusted onto the sprayer arms and block the holes used to spray the water. It is therefore recommended that you check the arms from time to time and clean them with a small non-metallic brush. To remove the upper spray arm, turn the plastic locking ring in an anti-clockwise direction. The upper sprayer arm should be replaced so that the side with the greater number of holes is facing upwards. [. . . ]


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