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[. . . ] Conservez cette notice toujours à côté du sèche-linge et si vous vendez cet appareil ou que vous le donniez à un tiers, faites en sorte que cette notice accompagne le sèche-linge de manière à ce que le nouveau propriétaire soit informé des avertissements et des conseils concernant le fonctionnement de ce sèche-linge. Tournez le bouton Programmes jusqu’à positionner l’indicateur sur le programme correspondant au type de linge à sécher, en contrôlant le tableau des programmes (voir Programmes et options) et les indications pour chaque type de tissu (voir Linge). 16 Instruction manual TUMBLE DRYER EN English Contents Installation, 18 Where to install the tumble dryer Ventilation Electrical connections Preliminary information EN Warnings, 20 General safety Saving energy and respecting the environment Care and maintenance, 22 Disconnecting the power supply Cleaning the filter after each cycle Checking the drum after each cycle Emptying the water container after each cycle Cleaning the condenser unit Cleaning the tumble dryer EDCE H G45 B Description of the tumble dryer, 24 Features Control panel How to carry out a drying cycle, 26 Starting and selecting a programme Programmes and options, 27 Programme chart Special/Sport/Partial Programmes Options Opening the door Laundry, 30 www. Always store this manual close to the tumble dryer and remember to pass it on to any new owners when selling or transferring the appliance, so they may familiarise with the warnings and suggestions herein contained. [. . . ] By periodically rotating the drum before the start of the drying cycle, when a delayed start is selected, the formation of creases is prevented. On certain programmes the drum also rotates periodically at the end of the drying cycle on. This post crease care action continues until either the door is opened or the OFF button is pressed. Standby mode This tumble dryer, in compliance with new energy saving regulations, is fitted with an automatic standby system which is enabled after about 30 minutes if no activity is detected. 7 Cotton ready to wear 8 Synthetics 9 Jeans Special Care 10 Baby&Delicates 11 Wool 12 Duvet 13 Gym kit 14 Special Shoes Post Dry 15 Crease Relax 16 Freshen UP 3 2 1 1, 5 4 1 pair Memo - Key Lock. 2 Standard Cotton is the most efficient program in terms of energy consumption (EU 392/2012). 3 The duration of these programs will depend on the size of the load, types of textiles, the spin speed used in your washer and any extra options selected. Special/Sport/Partial Programmes Fast 35’ This is a quick timed programme, ideal for drying garments spun at high speed in the washing machine, for example shirts used in a working week. Easy Mix This programme is ideal for drying cotton and synthetic fabrics together. Less Creased A cycle for synthetic and mixed textiles making lengthy ironing unnecessary. Remove the pieces of clothing immediately at the end of the programme and hang them Standard Cotton: Dries your items to a dryness level that allows you to put your clothes away straight from the dryer. Cotton Ready to Wear: Dries your items to the maximum possible dryness level. It can also be used on other garments made from the same material, such as jackets. Loads dried using this programme are usually ready to wear, the edges or seams may be slightly damp. If this is the case, try turning the jeans inside out and running the programme again for a short period. We do not recommend that you use this programme if your jeans have elastic waist bands, studs or embroidery. 27 EN Baby&Delicates A programme appropriately designed to dry clothing and linen of new-born babies (cotton and chenille) and delicate clothes. Wool Programme This programme is specific for items that withstand tumble drying and are labelled with the symbol. Garments dried with this programme are usually ready to be worn, although the edges of heavier garments may be slightly damp. Leave them to dry naturally, as an additional drying process may damage them. Unlike other materials, the shrinking process in wool is irreversible, i. Duvet A cycle intended to dry down jackets, giving their natural softness back (2 jackets). [. . . ] It occurs after 30 minutes: - if you leave the dryer without starting a programme; - after your drying programme has finished. 31 Assistance 05/2015 - Xerox Fabriano Spare parts EN This dryer is a complex machine. Attempting to repair it personally or with the aid unqualified personnel may put the safety of people at risk, damage the machine or invalidate the spare parts guarantee. Always contact a qualified technician when experiencing problems with this machine. [. . . ]


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