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[. . . ] All parts which ensure the safe operation of the appliance must not be removable without the aid of a tool. The appliance must not come into contact with electrical parts once it has been installed. The consumption indications on the data plate have been calculated for this type of installation. Ovens equipped with a three-pole power supply cable are designed to operate with alternating current at the voltage and frequency indicated on the data plate located on the appliance (see below). [. . . ] pIZZA mode The bottom and circular heating elements, as well as the fan, will come on. This combination heats the oven rapidly by producing a considerable amount of heat, particularly from the bottom element. If you use more than one rack simultaneously, switch the position of the dishes halfway through the cooking process. The high and direct temperature of the grill is recommended for food that requires high surface temperature. gRATIN mode The top heating element, as well as the fan, will come on. This combination of features increases the effectiveness of the unidirectional thermal radiation of the heating elements through forced circulation of the air throughout the oven. This helps prevent food from burning on the surface, allowing the heat to penetrate right into the food. The rear heating element and the fan come on, guaranteeing the distribution of heat delicately and uniformly throughout the oven. This mode is ideal for baking and cooking temperature sensitive foods such as cakes that need to rise and to prepare certain tartlets on 3 shelves simultaneously. In the BARBECUE and GRATIN cooking modes, place the dripping pan in position 1 to collect cooking residues (fat and/or grease). The top heating element is regulated by a thermostat and may not always be on. For a crispy crust, do not use the dripping pan (prevents crust from forming by extending cooking time). If the pizza has a lot of toppings, we recommend adding the mozzarella cheese on top of the pizza halfway through the cooking process. Cooking times are approximate and may vary according to personal taste. When cooking using the grill or Gratin, the dripping pan must always be placed on the 1st oven rack from the bottom. The clock may be set when the oven is switched off or when it is switched on, provided that a the end time of a cooking cycle has not been programmed previously. After the appliance has been connected to the Mains, or after a blackout, the icon and the four numerical digits on the DISPLAY will begin to flash. Press the button several times until the icon and the four digits on the display begin to flash. Use the "+" and "-" buttons to adjust the time; if you press and hold either button, the display will scroll through the values more quickly, making it quicker and easier to set the desired value. Wait for 10 seconds or press the button again to finalise the setting. This function does not interrupt cooking and does not affect the oven; it is simply used to activate the buzzer when the set amount of time has elapsed. Press the button several times until the icon and the three digits on the display begin to flash. [. . . ] Ideally, the inside of the oven should be cleaned after each use, when it is still lukewarm. The accessories can be washed like everyday crockery (even in your dishwasher). cleaning the oven door Clean the glass part of the oven door using a sponge and a non-abrasive cleaning product, then dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Do not use rough abrasive material or sharp metal scrapers as these could scratch the surface and cause the glass to crack. [. . . ]


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