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[. . . ] WARNING: Unattended cooking on a hob with fat or oil can be dangerous and may result in fire. NEVER try to extinguish a fire with water, but switch off the appliance and then cover flame e. g. Do not close the glass cover (if present) when the gas burners or electric hotplates are still hot. WARNING: Ensure that the appliance is switched off before replacing the lamp to avoid the possibility of electric shock. [. . . ] Checking the connection for leaks When the installation process is complete, check the hose fittings for leaks using a soapy solution. In order to prevent accidental tipping of the appliance, for example by a child climbing onto the oven door, the supplied safety chain MUST be installed!The cooker is fitted with a safety chain to be fixed by means of a screw (not supplied with the cooker) to the wall behind the appliance, at the same height as the chain is attached to the appliance. Choose the screw and the screw anchor according to the type of material of the wall behind the appliance. If the head of the screw has a diameter smaller than 9mm, a washer should be used. Concrete wall requires the screw of at least 8mm of diameter, and 60mm of length. Ensure that the chain is fixed to the rear wall of the cooker and to the wall, as shown in figure, so that after installation it is tensioned and parallel to the ground level. I5GSH1/UK S S A R Safety Chain TECHNICAL DATA Oven dimensions (HxWxD) Volume Useful measurements relating to the oven compartment Power supply voltage and frequency 34, 0x39, 1x45, 5 cm 61 l width 42 cm depth 44 cm height 23 cm see data plate may be adapted for use with any type of gas shown on the data plate, which is located inside the flap or, after the oven compartment has been opened, on the left-hand wall inside the oven. Regulation (EU) No 65/2014 supplementing Directive 2010/30/EU. This may be the minimum setting C, the maximum setting E or any position in between the two. If the appliance is fitted with an electronic lighting device* (see figure), press the ignition button, marked with the symbol 1, then hold the BURNER knob down and turn it in an anticlockwise direction, towards the maximum flame setting, until the burner is lit. If this occurs, repeat the operation, holding the knob down for a longer period of time. Turn the TIMER knob in an anticlockwise direction 5 to set the desired length of time. Lower compartment There is a compartment underneath the oven that may be used to store oven accessories or deep dishes. To open the door pull it downwards (see figure). GB Cooking modes !A temperature value can be set for all cooking modes between 50°C and MAX, except for the GRILL programme, for which only the MAX power level is recommended. STATIC OVEN mode Both the top and bottom heating elements will come on. When using this traditional cooking mode, it is best to use one cooking rack only. This position is recommended for perfecting the cooking of dishes (in baking trays) which are already cooked on the surface but require further cooking in the centre, or for desserts with a covering of fruit or jam, which only require moderate colouring on the surface. It should be noted that this function does not allow the maximum temperature to be reached inside the oven (250°C) and it is therefore not recommended that foods are cooked using only this setting, unless you are baking cakes (which should be baked at a temperature of 180°C or lower). The extremely high and direct temperature of the grill makes it possible to brown the surface of meats and roasts while locking in the juices to keep them tender. !The internal surfaces of the compartment (where present) may become hot. Do not place flammable materials in the lower oven compartment. WARNING! [. . . ] • Clean the glass part of the oven door using a sponge and a non-abrasive cleaning product, then dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Do not use rough abrasive material or sharp metal scrapers as these could scratch the surface and cause the glass to crack. • The accessories can be washed like everyday crockery, and are even dishwasher safe. • Stainless steel can be marked by hard water that has been left on the surface for a long time, or by aggressive detergents containing phosphorus. [. . . ]


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