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[. . . ] Conservez cette notice toujours à côté du sèche-linge et si vous vendez cet appareil ou que vous le donniez à un tiers, faites en sorte que cette notice accompagne le sèche-linge de manière à ce que le nouveau propriétaire soit informé des avertissements et des conseils concernant le fonctionnement de ce sèche-linge. Tournez le bouton Programmes jusqu’à positionner l’indicateur sur le programme correspondant au type de linge à sécher, en contrôlant le tableau des programmes (voir Programmes et options) et les indications pour chaque type de tissu (voir Linge). 16 Instruction manual TUMBLE DRYER Contents Important information, 18-19 EN English EN Installation, 20 Where to install the tumble dryer Ventilation Electrical connections Preliminary information Description of the tumble dryer, 21-22 Features Control panel How to carry out a drying cycle, 23 Starting and selecting a programme Programmes and options, 24-25-26 Programme chart Special programmes Options Opening the door Sorting laundry Care labels Special garments Drying times IDCE H G45 B Laundry, 27-28 Warnings and suggestions, 29 Care and maintenance, 30 General safety Saving energy and respecting the environment Disconnecting the power supply Cleaning the filter after each cycle Checking the drum after each cycle Emptying the water container after each cycle Cleaning the condenser unit Cleaning the tumble dryer !Always store this manual close to the tumble dryer and remember to pass it on to any new owners when selling or transferring the appliance, so they may familiarise with the warnings and suggestions herein contained. [. . . ] Before setting a delayed start, make sure that the water container is empty and that the filter is clean. If the creasecare option is selected, during this phase the clothes will be rotated occasionally to prevent the formation’s creases. High Heat When a drying time is selected, pressing this button sets a high heat drying and the indicator light above the button lights up. Fast Iron This option, when selected, delivers for the cycle chosen the best humidity level to help make ironing quicker and easier. Memo This option allows to store a cycle and the options previously stored with the exception of a delayed start. € Press and hold the button MEMO for 3 second to store a cycle, it is possible to press this button either during the pause that during the drying cycle. After selecting the desired cycle and options it is possible to store. When press and hold the button Memo the LED flashes as well as the time on the display and after 3 second a beep will alert has been memorized. € To recall the option will simply turn on the dryer, press button Memo and start. It is possible to change the option as for each cycle, less than incompatibility. At intervals of 2 minutes will appear on the display the number of the cycle recalled. If it is not stored any cycle, an alarm and an indicator will signal the absence. Alarm A buzzer sounds at the end of the drying cycle to signal that the programme has ended and the garments are ready to be removed. Not all options are available on all programmes (see Programmes and options). Opening the door If the door is opened (or the START/PAUSE button is pressed) while a programme is running, the dryer stops and the following may occur: • The START/PAUSE button flashes orange. It is necessary to press the START/PAUSE button to resume the “Delay start” programme. The “Delay start” indicator light flashes and the display visualises the time remaining to the start of the selected programme. € It is necessary to press the START/PAUSE button to resume the programme. The progress indicator lights signal the running phase and the START/PAUSE indicator light stops flashing and turns green. Pressing the START/PAUSE button reactivates a new programme from the beginning. € By turning the Programme selection knob, a new programme is selected and the START/PAUSE indicator light flashes green. This procedure can be used to select the COOL drying programme to cool garments if they are judged to be dry enough. [. . . ] If the display still visualises a fault, contact the Technical Assistance Centre (see Assistance). If the display still visualises other numbers, mark the code and contact the Technical Assistance Centre (see Assistance). Press the ON/OFF and START/PAUSE buttons and keep them pressed for 3 seconds. The display visualises “dOn” for 3 seconds, then the dryer starts functioning normally. [. . . ]


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