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[. . . ] IDL 420 IDL 42 Lava-vasseille Installation et emploi Dishwasher Installation and use IDL 420 IDL 42 Lave-vasseille Instructions pour l'installation et l'emploi Dishwasher Instructions for installation and use 1 11 La sécurité, une bonne habitude ATTENTION Lisez attentivement cette notice, son contenu vous fournira des indications importantes concernant la sécurité d'installation, d’utilisation et d'entretien de votre appareil. -Si le panier est du type avec rangements latéraux, glissez les petites cuillères une par une dans les fentes (voir la figure A ). 4 10 Safety Is a Good Habit to Get Into NOTICE Carefully read the instructions contained in this manual, as they provide important information which is essential to safe and proper installation, use and maintenance of the appliance. This appliance complies with the following EEC directives: - 73/23/EEC of 19/02/73 (Low Voltage) and subsequent modifications; - 89/336/EEC of 03/05/89 (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and subsequent modifications. [. . . ] Cycle phase indicator lights The dishwasher is provided with 4 indicator lights "G" which come on in sequence as the appliance is performing that specific phase of the wash cycle. The end of the wash cycle is indicated by two short beeps and the flashing of the drying phase indicator light. Warning: Press button “A” to turn the appliance off, unplug the appliance from the electricity socket to cut off the power supply; the power supply cable should consequently be easily accessible. • Wait a few minutes before unloading the dishes: if you wait a little while, they dry better thanks to the steam. Warning: when you open the dishwasher door after the wash cycle has just ended or is under way, take care not to scald yourself with the hot steam. These phases are: pre-wash, wash, rinses, drying Cancelling or modifying a wash cycle in progress…. Premise: You can cancel the wash cycle in progress, if it has only just started. To modify a wash cycle, keep the RESET button "R" pressed for about 5 seconds: a prolonged beep will sound, followed by three short beeps. Indicator light "G" will turn off and at this point, all the settings will have been cancelled. To select a new wash cycle, repeat the operations illustrated in the paragraph entitled "starting and selecting the cycle". Warning: the knob must be turned clockwise from wash cycle 1 to 5, an anti-clockwise from wash cycle 5 to 1. If you have left out a dish… You can interrupt a wash cycle by pressing the ON-OFF button, then place the dishes you had left out into the appliance, which will start up from where it was interrupted when you turn it back on. The wash cycle stops and then restarts when the electricity comes back on or when the door is shut. When you have loaded the dishes, you can choose when to start your dishwasher before setting the wash cycle desired. Press button "H" to delay the start of the wash cycle by 12, 9, 6 or 3 hours. Each time you press it, you will hear a short beep and the indicator light "G" corresponding to the selected delay will come on. Of powder = approximately 5 ml of liquid * The Eco wash cycle adheres to the regulation EN-50242. Although it has a longer duration than other wash cycles it uses less energy and is les harmful to the environment. Only use detergent which has been specifically designed for dishwashers. Using excessive detergent may result in foam residue remaining in the machine after the cycle has ended. To achieve the best results from each washing and drying cycle, powder detergent, rinse aid liquid and salt should be used. 17 EN Energy Saving Tips - It is important to try and run the dishwasher when it is fully loaded in order to save on energy. [. . . ] 19 EN Installation Positioning the Appliance Position the appliance in the desired location. The back should rest against the wall behind it, and the sides, along the adjacent cabinets or wall. The dishwasher is equipped with water supply and drain hoses that can be positioned to the right or the left to facilitate proper installation. Levelling the Appliance Once the appliance is positioned, adjust the feet (screwing them in or out) to adjust the height of the dishwasher, making it level. [. . . ]


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