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[. . . ] Instruction manual TUMBLE DRYER Contents EN English, 1 EN Installation, 2-3 Where to install the tumble dryer Ventilation Electrical connections Levelling the tumble dryer Before you start your dryer Description of the tumble dryer, 4 Front side Rear side Control panel How to carry out a drying cycle, 5 Starting a drying programme Drying settings, 6 Drying times Drying programmes and options IDV 75 IDV 75 S Laundry, 7 Sorting laundry Care labels Special items Warnings and suggestions, 8 General safety Saving energy and respecting the environment Care and maintenance, 9 Disconnecting the power supply Cleaning the filter after each cycle Checking the drum after each cycle Cleaning the tumble dryer Troubleshooting, 10 !Always store this manual close to the tumble dryer and remember to pass it on to any new owners when selling or transferring the appliance, so they may familiarise with the warnings and suggestions herein contained. assistance and Guarantee , 11-12-13 Spare parts Information on recycling and disposal !Read these instructions carefully: the following pages contain important information on installation and useful suggestions for operating the appliance. [. . . ] Keep the door closed to make sure that children do not use it as a toy. €¢ Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the dryer. €¢ The appliance must be installed correctly and have proper ventilation. The air intake vents behind the machine, the outlet vents and the vent tube should never be obstructed (see Installation). €¢ ●Never direct the vent tube outlet towards the air intake at the back of the machine. • ●Never allow the tumble dryer to recycle exhaust air. €¢ Never use the dryer on carpeting where the pile height would prevent air from entering the dryer from the base. €¢ Do not use the dryer unless the filter, is securely in place ● (see Maintenance). €¢ Do not overload the dryer (see Laundry for maximum loads). • Carefully check all instructions on clothing labels (see ● Laundry). — • Do not tumble dry acrylic fibres at high temperatures. €¢ Do not turn off the dryer when there are still warm items inside. €¢ Clean the condenser unit at regular intervals (see ● Maintenance). €¢ Always buy original spare parts and accessories (see Service). To minimise the risk of fire in your tumble dryer, the following should be observed: • Tumble dry items only if they have been washed with detergent and water, rinsed and been through the spin cycle. It is a fire hazard to dry items that HAVE NOT been 8 washed with water. €¢ ●Do not dry garments that have been treated with chemical products. €¢ Do not tumble dry items that have been spotted or soaked with vegetable or cooking oils, this constitutes a fire hazard. Oil-affected items can ignite spontaneously, especially when exposed to heat sources such as a tumble dryer. The items become warm, causing an oxidisation reaction with the oil, Oxidisation creates heat. Piling, stacking or storing oil-effected items can prevent heat from escaping and so create a fire hazard. If it is unavoidable that fabrics containing vegetable or cooking oil or those that have been contaminated with hair care products be placed in a tumble dryer they should first be washed with extra detergent - this will reduce, but not eliminate the hazard. [. . . ] This gives you the reassurance that if, within that time, your appliance is proven to be defective because of either workmanship or materials, we will, at our discretion, either repair or replace the appliance at no cost to you. This guarantee is subject to the following conditions: • The appliance has been installed and operated correctly and in accordance with our operating and maintenance instructions. €¢ The appliance is used only on the electricity or gas supply printed on the rating plate. • The appliance has been used for normal domestic purposes only. [. . . ]


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