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[. . . ] · You should also make sure that the room in which the tumble dryer is installed is not damp, and that it is adequately ventilated. · We do not recommend that the dryer is installed in a cupboard but the dryer must never be installed behind a lockable door, a sliding door or a door with a hinge on the opposite side to that of the dryer door. 10 mm Wall ventilation hole 1. Leave an opening in the wall to the left of the tumble dryer installation site. Make the hose as short and straight as possible, in order to prevent any moisture from condensing and leaking back into the appliance. [. . . ] The cold drying cycle runs during the final 10 minutes of the programme. For large loads, select the High Heat option if available. Load 3 kg 30 or 60 minutes 60 or 90 minutes - Fabric Cotton ­ high heat Synthetics ­ high heat Acrylics ­ low heat 1 kg 30 minutes 30 or 60 minutes 30 or 60 minutes 2 kg 30 or 60 minutes 30 or 60 minutes 90 or 120 minutes 4 - 5 kg 60 or 90 minutes - 6 - 7 kg 90 or 120 minutes - 8 Options The options allow for customising the selected programme according to one's own needs. Delay start The start of some programmes (see Programmes and options) may be delayed up to 9 hours. Post Anti-Crease When this option is selected, the drum rotates garments at intervals after the cold drying cycle has ended, in order to avoid creases forming on garments if they cannot be immediately removed at the end of the programme. Pre Anti-Crease When this option is selected in addition to the "Delay start" option, the drum rotates garments at intervals during the delay period to avoid creases forming. High Heat When a drying time is selected, pressing this button sets high heat drying and the indicator light above the button lights up. Not all options are available on all programmes (see Programmes and options). EN Opening the door If the door is opened (or the START/PAUSE button is pressed) while a programme is running, the dryer stops and the following may occur: · The START/PAUSE button flashes orange. · When a delayed start is running, the delay countdown continues. It is necessary to press the START/PAUSE button to resume the "Delay start" programme. One of the "Delay start" indicator light flashes to signal the delay time entered. · It is necessary to press the START/PAUSE button to resume the programme. The weight refers to dry items. Automatic drying times Cotton High heat Drying times after 800-1000 rpm wash cycles Half load 3 kg 4 kg 5 kg 45 - 60 60 - 70 70 - 80 minutes minutes minutes Full load 7 kg 90 - 120 minutes 1 kg 20 - 30 minutes Synthetics High heat 2 kg 34 - 45 minutes 6 kg 80 - 100 minutes 1 kg 20 - 40 minutes Acrylics Low heat Drying times after wash cycles at lower speeds Half load 2 kg 30 - 50 minutes Full load 3 kg 40 - 70 minutes Drying times after wash cycles at lower speeds Half load Full load 1 kg 2 kg 50 - 70 minutes 90 - 130 minutes 11 Warnings and suggestions This appliance was designed and manufactured in EN compliance with current international safety standards. The following information is provided for safety reasons and must be read carefully. · Remove all objects from pockets, particularly lighters (risk of explosion). · Do not switch the tumble dryer off if items that are still warm are inside it. · Never climb on the top of the dryer as this may damage the appliance. · Always comply with electrical regulations and requirements (see Installation). · Always purchase original accessories and spare parts (see Assistance). WARNING: Never stop the dryer before the end of the drying cycle unless all items have been quickly removed and hung in order to dispel heat. General safety · The final part of a tumble dryer cycle occurs without heat (cooling cycle) to ensure that the laundry is not damaged due to excessive temperatures. · This tumble dryer must not be used by persons (including children) with physical, sensory or mental impairments or with little experience and knowledge of the appliance, unless they are supervised or have been adequately instructed on its use by the person responsible for their safety. · This tumble dryer is designed for domestic and nonprofessional use. · Do not touch the appliance while barefoot or with wet hands or feet. [. . . ] The dryer is noisy during the first few minutes of operation. · This is normal, especially if the dryer has not been used for a long time. If the noise persists during the entire cycle, contact the Technical Assistance Centre. 14 Assistance Before contacting the Technical Assistance Centre: · Follow the troubleshooting guide to check whether problems can be solved personally (see Troubleshooting). · If not, switch the dryer off and contact the Technical Assistance Centre closest to you. Provide the following data when contacting the Technical Assistance Centre: · name, address and postal code · telephone number · type of malfunction · date of purchase · the appliance model (Mod. ) · the dryer's serial number (S/N) This information can be found on the data plate located behind the door. Spare parts This dryer is a complex machine. [. . . ]


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