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[. . . ] Instruction manual TUMBLE DRYER EN English Contents Installation, 2 Where to install the tumble dryer Ventilation Electrical connections Levelling the tumble dryer Before you start your dryer GB Warnings, 4 General safety Saving energy and respecting the environment Care and maintenance, 6 Disconnecting the power supply Cleaning the filter after each cycle Checking the drum after each cycle Cleaning the tumble dryer Features Control panel Description of the tumble dryer, 7 IDVL 75B R How to carry out a drying cycle, 9 Starting and selecting a programme Programmes and options, 10 Programme chart Special programmes Options Opening the door Laundry, 13 www. indesit. co. uk ! This symbol reminds you to read this instruction manual. Always store this manual close to the tumble dryer and remember to pass it on to any new owners when selling or transferring the appliance, so they may familiarise with the warnings and suggestions herein contained. Sorting laundry Care labels Drying times Troubleshooting, 14 Assistance and Guarantee, 15 Spare parts Information on recycling and disposal !Read these instructions carefully: the following pages contain important information on installation and useful suggestions for operating the appliance. 1 Installation GB Where to install the tumble dryer Install the dryer far from gas ranges, stoves, radiators or hobs, as flames may damage it. If the dryer is installed below a worktop, ensure there are 10 mm betwe15 mm 15 mm en the upper panel of the dryer and any objects above it, and 15 mm between the sides of the machine and the walls or furniture units adjacent to it. [. . . ] Open the door, ensure that the filter is clean and securely placed (see Care and maintenance). Load the machine, making sure that no piece of laundry gets between the door and the relative seal. After consulting the programme chart and the indications for each type of fabric (see Laundry), turn the Programme selection knob towards the programme corresponding to the type of laundry to be dried (see Programmes and options). Warning: If the position of the programme selection knob changes after pressing the START/PAUSE button, the selected programme will NOT be modified. To modify the programme, press the START/PAUSE button to put the programme in pause mode (the indicator light flashes orange), then select a new programme and the relative options. If necessary, set the time of the delayed start and any other options (see Programmes and options). Laundry can be checked while the drying programme runs and any garments already dry can be removed, while drying continues for the remaining items. After closing the door, press the START/PAUSE button to resume machine operation. the fabrics are cooled) activates during the last few minutes of the drying programme; always allow this phase to terminate. The buzzer will beep 3 times to let you know that your programme is complete. Open the door, remove the laundry then clean the filter and replace it. If the clothes are not removed at the end of the cycle the automatic POST CREASE CARE action will, on those programmes with this feature, continue to rotate the drum intermittently for up to 10 hours to minimise creasing. The phase is stopped when the door is opened or when the knob is set to OFF 10. Automatic pre-post Anti Crease This is an automatic function which provides an anti crease treatment both before and after the drying programme. By periodically rotating the drum before the start of the drying cycle, when a delayed start is selected, the formation of creases is prevented. On certain programmes the drum also rotates periodically at the end of the drying cycle on. The phase is stopped when the door is opened or when the knob is set to OFF Stand-by mode This tumble dryer, in compliance with new energy saving regulations, is fitted with an automatic standby system which is enabled after about 30 minutes if no activity is detected. Turn the knob to the desired program to restart dryer operation (to start the program press START/PAUSE). The OFF position switches off the dryer. 9 Programmes and options Programme chart GB Programme Energy Saver 1 Eco Cotton 2 Eco Synthetics Cottons 3 Standard Cotton 4 Cotton Extra Dry 5 Cotton Fast Iron Special Care 6 Synthetics 7 Easy Mix 8 Wool Sport&Leisure 9 Fitness 10 Sport Shoes 11 Jeans My Time 12 Smart 15’ 13 Xpress 35’ 14 Daily 60’ Extra Freshen Up 20’ 1. 5 1 2 Delay timer - Light Drying Delay timer - Light Drying Delay timer - Light Drying 4 1 pair 3 Delay timer Delay timer Delay timer 55’ 110' 65’ 4 3 1 Delay timer - Light Drying Delay timer 55' 100' 50’ Max Max Max Delay timer - Light Drying Delay timer Delay timer - Light Drying 120' 130' 100' 2 1 Delay timer Delay timer 60' 30' Max. load (kg) Compatible options Cycle duration* - * note: The duration of these programs will depend on the size of the load, types of textiles, the spin speed used in your washer and any extra options selected. Programmes Energy Saver The Energy Saver Cycles reduce energy consumption and so they not only help the environment, they also cut your energy bill!Energy Saver Cycles are available for several different types of fabric and they have been designed to give excellent drying performance for small loads. Energy Saver Cycles give the best drying results thanks to perfect temperature regulation and to accurate humidity detection which is optimized small loads. [. . . ] • The fixed ventilation flap, on the protective weatherproof cover, may be obstructed (see Installation). • The dryer is overloaded (see Laundry). The drying cycle does not start. Drying times are too long. The programme is finished but the items are damper than expected. ! For safety reasons, the dryer programmes last a maximum of 4 hours. If an automatic programme has not detected the final dampness level required in this interval, the dryer completes the programme and stops. Check the above points and repeat the programme; if the items are still damp, contact the Technical Assistance Centre (see Assistance). The dryer is noisy during the first few minutes of operation. [. . . ]


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