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[. . . ] Make sure the air inlets on the rear panel are not blocked or obstructed. • You should also make sure that the room in which the tumble dryer is installed is not damp, and that it is adequately ventilated. We do not recommend that the dryer is installed in a cupboard but the dryer must never be installed behind a lockable door, a sliding door or a door with a hinge on the opposite side to that of the dryer door. The appliance must be installed with the rear surface placed against a wall. • 10 mm Wall ventilation hole 1. [. . . ] Options buttons Allow for selecting the options available for the selected programme. The relative indicator lights switch on when the option has been selected (see Programmes and options). START/PAUSE button and indicator light When the green light flashes slowly, press the button to start the programme. To put the programme into pause mode, press the button again; the indicator light will turn orange and start flashing again. To resume the programme from the point it was interrupted, press the button again (see Start and programme selection). Indicator lights The indicator lights provide important information. They indicate the following: “Clean filter” indicator light Before each programme, the “Clean filter” indicator light tumble dryer (see Care and maintenance). signals that it is essential to clean the filter each time before using the “Drying phases” indicator lights The The DRYING indicator light signals that the drying phase is running. COOL TUMBLE indicator light signals that the cooling phase is running. The END indicator light signals that the programme has ended. “Delay start” indicator light If the ”Delay start” option has been activated (see “Programmes and options”), after the programme has started, the indicator light corresponding to the chosen delay time will start flashing: As time passes, the remaining delay will be displayed and the corresponding indicator light will flash: Once the set delay time ends, the flashing LED will turn off and the set programme will start. 8 How to carry out a drying cycle Starting and selecting a programme GB 1. Open the door, ensure that the filter is clean and securely placed (see Care and maintenance). Load the machine, making sure that no piece of laundry gets between the door and the relative seal. After consulting the programme chart and the indications for each type of fabric (see Laundry), turn the Programme selection knob towards the programme corresponding to the type of laundry to be dried (see Programmes and options). Easy Mix This programme is ideal for drying cotton and synthetic fabrics together. 10 Wool This programme is specific for items that withstand tumble drying and are labelled with the symbol. Garments dried with this programme are usually ready to be worn, although the edges of heavier garments may be slightly damp. Leave them to dry naturally, as an additional drying process may damage them. Unlike other materials, the shrinking process in wool is irreversible, i. e. Fitness This programme is studied for safely drying garments such as tracksuits and Fitness suits bearing the up to 4 kg. We suggest turning garments inside out before drying them. GB symbol. Suitable for loads of Special Shoes Programme This programme is specific for drying sports shoes. The shoes must have been previously washed and spun at a minimum spin speed of 400 revolutions. A specific shoe rack is provided and must be used, otherwise the dryer will be damaged if shoes are dried in the drum. Remove the filter from its holder on the front part of the dryer and position the shoe rack. Place shoelaces inside the shoes then load with the tips of the shoes facing downwards and the soles frontwards. [. . . ] • The heat setting is not suited to the type of fabric to be dried (see Programmes and options). • An incorrect drying time was selected for the type of load (see Laundry). • The flexible ventilation hose may be blocked (see Installation). • The air inlet may be blocked or obstructed (see Installation). [. . . ]


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